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Fashion Week Berlin

As if Berlin wasn’t stylish enough already, Berlin Fashion Week makes its second appearance this year. From July 4 through 7, 2017, designers, models, journalists, and every self-respecting fashion persona will flood the German capital with textile inspiration. While you are probably busy googling for fashion show tickets or desperately looking for an adequate outfit, we from Industriepalast Hostel Berlin cast a glance at the local fashion scene. Which, as we all know, does not only feel at home on runways and in fancy boutiques anymore. Fashion blogs are the new glossies, and they gave birth to a new class of celebrities (that we are going to have a hard time explaining to our children one day): Influencers. In the light of the most fashionable week of summer, here are some of the best Berlin-based fashion blogs:

Masha Sedgwick

Masha Sedgwick’s real name is Maria Astor, and with just 28 years she’s already one of the most influential fashion bloggers in Germany. A native of Cologne, the Berliner-by-choice has run her weblog since 2010, and by now she’s a real style icon in the capital. It would not be an exaggeration to call her THE fashion blogger of Berlin. Alongside her own website the influencer owns numerous very successful social media channels with hundreds of thousands of followers. Her formula for success: a fine balancing act between haute couture and street style, that translates the ambitious trends from the manifold fashion weeks into everyday couture. Her official blog functions as a kind of personal diary, where Sedgwick writes about behind-the-scenes, fashion shows, photo shoots, and inspiring encounters, but also about her travels and events. The posts are currently being published in German, English, and Russian, so we can expect her sphere of influence to grow massively over the next few years. Big fashion magazines have been obsessed with her for a while already anyway. In the next couple of days she will surely offer insights from the Berlin Fashion Week again, so don’t miss out on her next posts.

This is Jane Wayne

This is Jane Wayne is quite often named “the most famous fashion blog in Germany”. The masterminds behind this comprehensive concept are two real superwomen: Nike van Dinther and Sarah Gottschalk, Berliners, fashion icons, and proclaimed feminists. Their blog not only covers fashion news and outfit tipps, but also interiour design, books, music, and much, much more. Last year they were catapulted into the fashion olymp when became part of the official Vogue network. Since then, the platform has become even more professional and varied. Also, the fashion queens released their first collection featuring label “Kauf dich glücklich” in early 2017 – a tribute to French philosopher and feminist Simone de Beauvoir. Ambitious, meaningful mainstream.


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Katja Hentschel is a Berlin-based street photographer and a master of her trade. Thus it is no wonder that her street fashion blog is as minimalist as exciting: Hentschel shoots regular people and their styles wherever she finds them – on the streets, on a street market, at the nightclub, or while dancing under the open sky. Her high-res images shine out of the blogosphere for mere photographic quality. There’s little to no text, and zero product placement. The styles and moments that she captures with her camera are as varied as the people of whatever place she resides in at the moment. And since the latter is more often than not Berlin, her blog is also one big homage to the creative diversity of styles in the German (fashion) capital. Minimalist, authentic mesmerizing.

my berlin fashion

Jasmin Fatschild’s fashion blog was once considered a little sensation within the young German blogosphere. The reason: At the tender age of 15 years she started her website in 2010, and shortly after she already roamed about the big fashion events. Her project has grown since; Fatschild travels the world now and her blog has left the comfy nest of simple style guides to become a comprehensive lifestyle companion. Alongside the core topic fashion, her blog now features everything ranging from travel, food, and lifestyle all the way to fitness. Fashion magazines Glamour, Elle, and Refinery 29 are in love with Fatschild’s posts in English and German language. Intimate, charming and inspiring.

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