The most Eastern quartier of Kreuzberg is called Wrangelkiez and is situated around the Underground station “Schlesisches Tor”. At night, the is a lot going on here in numerous bars, pubs and clubs, like the legendary SO36 or LIDO. At the Wiener Straße or Lausitzer Platz you’ll find loads of awesome restaurants and snack bars. Worth looking at is also the Underground station itself, because it is a viaduct with a pretty onion dome from Wilhelminian times. After the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the Station Schlesisches Tor was the final stop of Berlin’s first Underground Line U1. Nowadays, the U1 runs further until Warschauer Straße, which is just opposite our hostel! The Wrangelkiez is only 2.2 kilometers away from our hostel – so it’s easy to get there by foot.


This part of Kreuzberg is home to many artists and students. Especially the Chamissoplatz is worth visiting because of its beautiful buildings from the Iron Age – there you can image what Berlin looked like in the late 19th century. This area is situated about 5 kilometers from the Industriepalast Hostel.


At this park, you’ll find loads of green space to hang out. Inside Viktoriapark, there is a 66 meter high hill named “Kreuzberg”, which is the highest (!) rise in the center of Berlin and gave name to the district. The Viktoriapark was created in 1821 with the uncovering of a monument right on top of the hill, which reminds of the wars against Napoleon. Later, green spaces and ponds were constructed around the monument as well as a beautiful cascade which flows from the monument down into a romantic pond. In the North-East of Viktoriapark, there is the lively shopping street Bergmannstraße with its alternative shops, cafés and restaurants. This street also connects the Viktoriapark to the park Hasenheide in the district Neukölln. The park is situated about 5.3 kilometers from the Industriepalast Hostel.

A second local recreation ground in Kreuzberg is the Görlitzer Park, which is built on the grounds of the former Görlitzer Train Station. Here, you’ll find a cool indoor swimming pool, a black light miniature golf site and a children’s farm for the city kids. In summer, the outdoor swimming pool “Sommerbad Kreuzberg” at Prinzenstraße, which is also called “Prinzenbad”, offers people from Kreuzberg and visitors cool-down.

Jewish Museum


This museum was built in the 90s by Daniel Libeskind and is one of the biggest and most important museums of Berlin. The museum documents two millennia of German-Jewish history. The Jewish Museum is only 4.2 kilometers away from the Industriepalast, so it can easily be explored by foot.

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