Open Airs in Berlin

Not long ago, I wrote about open airs in Germany and told you about the biggest and most popular festivals in this country. Today, we look at all the exiting and vibrant open air festivals of Berlin. When you’re strolling around the city in summer it may happen that you’ll hear a heavy bass and see some people dancing around a stereo.

Since many years, spontaneous and unofficial open air festivals are taking place in Berlin’s summer. In contrast to wintertime, there is a very relaxing, almost Mediterranean atmosphere in the city. People are sitting outside on the streets, in the parks, in front of cafés and enjoying the festive vibes of Berlin. What started with a few unofficial open airs soon became a big culture in Berlin – there are several online platforms and facebook pages which announce open airs and share insider tips with party people. For instance, the facebook page “Open Airs Berlin” informs you about regularly about spontaneous and planned festivals in and around Berlin. Our advice: go to Berlin’s parks (especially in Kreuzberg) or along the Spree River and surprise yourself by the people you meet along the way. For sure, you’ll find a small group of dancing people somewhere.

Open Airs in Berlin

Besides the spontaneous open airs in Berlin, there are a lot of open air festivals taking place in clubs. Right, normally “in a club” doesn’t really mean sunshine and sand under your toes but in Berlin that’s different. Here we have many clubs with an open air area where you can dance outside in summer and enjoy a warm breeze. One of the legendary open air clubs in Berlin was the Bar25 right at the Spree River at train station Ostbahnhof. This club was founded in 2004 as a small, alternative project which quickly developed to the hippest location of the city. Bar25 wasn’t just a bar but it combined many different aspects and turned out to be a little village inside Berlin. On the bar’s grounds, there was a cinema, a sauna, a restaurant, a hostel, a pipeline, a pizza stone oven and even apartments where artists and the team of the Bar25 lived. The location was a small idyllic world in the midst of the big city where you can forget about your daily routine and relax while dancing excessively, sunbathing, eating, swinging or just philosophizing with your friends. In autumn 2010, Bar25 had to close after a 5-days-party because the space was meant to be used for office buildings of the project “Mediaspree”. This new, quite lifeless form of usage caused resistance amongst Berliner and soon after, a collective was founded by the Bar25. With the help of Berlin’s people, the collective managed to get back the territory at Spree River at a tendering procedure in October 2012. The fight for the area of the former Bar25 became a symbol for the protest against growing gentrification in Berlin.

The new project which is now being developed at the vacant space is called “Holzmarkt” (wood market) and was created by the founded of Bar25. This location, similar to Bar25, is meant to become a space “for creativity to live and work”. There will be workshops and apartments where young talents can unfold their creativity. There is no fixed future layout for the Holzmarkt as it is meant to constantly change and develop further responding to the needs and ideas of Berlin’s people. However, some plans are sure: there will be a “Katerschmaus” restaurant directly on the river bank, a spa, a club, a lot of free space and green corners as well as a “mountain trail” leading over the roof tops of the different huts and halls. Standing on the roof tops, you’ll have an amazing view over the Spree River. Right now, the Holzmarkt-team is already busy with cleaning and planting trees as well as herbs and veggies in a green house. This fresh food will later be used to prepare delicious meals at the Katerschmaus restaurant. For news and further information about this project, just visit the page .

Open Airs in Berlin

Bar25 inspired many other clubs and, thus, some locations opened their own small and colorful open air areas. For instance, in the club Chalet at Schlesische Straße, you can chill in the garden lying in a hammock or drinking a cold beer at the pond. In about blank, you can get comfy at the beds and seating possibilities in the magic forest. At the club Sisyphos, you can celebrate the whole weekend and breathe the fresh Spree breeze. And in the Grießmühle, you can dance under a roof or chill at the bonfire next to a canal. Sometimes, you can even buy fresh food and handmade jewelry at this location.

In Berlin, there are also open airs that don’t have to do anything with a club. For example, there are regularly festivals taking place in summer at Berlin’s “Rummelsburg” where famous DJs play their music while you can hang out at the beach or have a barbeque at the BBQ areas. Even if this site is a bit farther away from our hostel, you can get there quickly by S-train to the stop “Betriebsbahnhof Berlin Rummelsburg”.

At the lake location “Kiekebusch”, a number of bigger open airs take place in summer, like for instance the “Feel Festival”  which is unfortunately already sold out for 2014. The Kiekebusch is generally a beautiful place to listen to music, camp, eat and watch movies.

So guys, if you feel like celebrating outside in summer, you’ll definitely find a good party somewhere in Berlin. Let’s just hope that the summer 2014 will be warm with lots of open airs.

I say, let’s get it rolling’!


(Bloggerin and receptionist at Industriepalast)

Simon Reuter (Blogger)

Simon Reuter (Blogger)

ist Wahlberliner aus Überzeugung und vielgereister Backpacker aus Leidenschaft. Als Rezeptionist erlebt er das Hostel-Leben an vorderster Front, als Blogger leitet er seit 2014 den Berlin-Blog des Industriepalast Hostels.

is Berliner by choice and a passionate backpacker himself. As a receptionist he knows the real hostel life; as a blogger he's been writing for Industriepalast Hostel's Berlin blog since 2014.
Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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