Our guests often ask us where they can find good food near our hostel. That’s why we created a list of our top 10 restaurants in the districts of Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln. This list is a vibrant collection of restaurants with fair prices offering food from different countries and tastes.



1) Schwarzer Hahn


Here, you get local food of the finest quality offered on a small but excellent and seasonally oriented menu. The restaurant has a cozy living room-atmosphere, here you can sit on separate wooden tables or enjoy your food at a huge food bank. The ingredients are always fresh and there are changing dishes of the day which gives the restaurant a special touch. So, if you’re up for some real good home-made food for a fair price, you’ll like the “Schwarzer Hahn”. Tip: reserve a table in advance!

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2) Dirty South


About two years ago, a hip Mexican restaurant opened on Krossener Straße – it has everything we love about Mexican food: nachos, guacamole, chili, cheese, salsa, burritos, tacos and of course tequila. On Tuesdays, it’s always time for “Taco Tuesday” with tacos and tequila for 1 € all night long. For drinking, there are many really yummy cocktail classics like Bloody Mary or Dirty South Martini which are spiced up with a Mexican twist – be aware, they are dangerous .

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3) Miyaki Sushi


Besides German and Mexican kitchen, Friedrichshain also offers delicious sushi. Miyaki Sushi offers a wide range of fresh and high quality sushi. Their homemade Miyaki-Soja-Sauce is a big hit and tastes much better than the readymade one you can buy. The restaurant only uses organic eggs for their Tamago (egg sushi) which makes a big difference in taste. Even if you don’t like raw fish or you only love fried sushi, you’ll feel happy here due to the huge choice of fresh sushi. Savor the creative combinations of flavors in this simple but chic restaurant.

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4) Knofi


We continue with Mediterranean cuisine in Kreuzberg – on the lively street „Oranienstraße“, you’ll find the cozy and traditional delicatessen café “Knofi”, where you can enjoy pickled olives, filled artichokes, garlic, cheese, homemade crèmes and pastes and Mediterranean salads. With your food, you should drink a glass of good Mediterranean wine and afterwards have a yummy self-made tiramisu. As you can also sit outside in front of Knofi, it is an ideal location of a light lunch or dinner in summer, but attention: garlic breath guaranteed!

Knofi –> To Google Maps

5) Trattoria Venezia

If you are a small group and feel like having a pizza, you should definitely go to this small trattoria in Kreuzberg, just around the corner of the nice Paul-Linke-Ufer. From outside, the restaurant first looks quite unspectacular and simple but the pizza is – to put it mildly – awesome. However, you can only order XXL pizza which feeds 3 to 4 people and can be topped individually by you with several different toppings. I recommend the „pizza bianca“ without tomato sauce and a grappa or espresso for digesting the immense amount of pizza.

Trattoria Venezia –> To Google Maps

 6) I Golosi Briganti


We continue with a very cozy and yummy Italian restaurant at Falckensteinstraße which is very close to our hostel. Dining amongst candlelight in this tastefully decorated restaurant, you’ll really feel like you’re in Italy. The menu changes regularly according to the fruits and veggies of the season and you’ll taste every single ingredient like it’s supposed to be with Italian cuisine. Enjoy a glass of house wine with your food and the evening is wonderful.

I Golosi Brigani –> To Google Maps

7) Baraka


This very special restaurant at Lausitzer Platz attracts guests with Egyptian-Moroccan food and a real Arabic atmosphere. Here, you can either sit at tables or in the cozy carpet-area on the floor to enjoy your meal. Together with your friends, you can chill on huge, soft pillows and Arabic carpets and eat Arabic specialties. We recommend getting the huge mixed platters with a variety of delicatessen. Like that, it’s really fun to eat together and try everything.

Baraka –> To Google Maps



8) Hamy

Further we go to Neukölln, a Vietnamese restaurant called Hamy which offers a small choice of rice-, noodle-, salad- and soup dishes. If you’re into fresh, light and well-spiced food, you’ll love this place as it’s all about lemon grass, bamboos, sprouts, coconut milk and nuts. For 4.90€, you can order between 2 dishes of the day, the other meals are also very favorable. The simply decorated is normally full of people (especially in the evenings) so it’s best to reserve a table in advance. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside or order your food to take away and have it in the park “Hasenheide” just opposite the street.

Hamy Café –> To Google Maps

9) BBI – Berlinburger International


If you feel like having a juicy burger, you’ll definitely find your luck in Neukölln. Berlinburger International offers huge, fresh and crunchy burgers which are more than filling. The monthly changing special burger is commonly invented every month by the team and is always a big surprise. Even vegetarians get their share with the freshly made veggie burgers and halloumi burgers. If you’re really hungry, you should order some of BBI’s crispy chips, potato wedges or their cheesy “chilli cheese fries” (fries with chilli con carne and a loooot of cheese) with your burger. The location is quite small and everything is prepared freshly, so bring enough time for your feast at BBI.

BBI – Berlinburger Internartional –> To Google Maps

10) Cinnamon Tree


Our last tip for today is a very special Indian restaurant on Schönleinstraße right at the Hohenstaufenplatz, which is also called “Zickenplatz” (goat square) amongst Berliners. A long time ago, locals used to bring their goats to this small park to graze. Today, there are a number of nice restaurants and cafés all around this square. The stylish restaurant “Cinnamon Tree” is one of them. If you walk into the restaurant, you first won’t necessarily think that you’re in an Indian place. However, the dishes are delicious and very Indian indeed – always freshly prepared and well spiced. We recommend you to take the creamy lentil soup as a starter and drink a chai after your meal.

Cinnamon Tree –> To Google Maps


Besides our ten favourites, you could of course always go to one of our partner restaurants where you’ll get a 10 % friends discount: the German restaurant Keule and the vegan Italian restaurant Mio Matto in Friedrichshain, the big Pirates  directly at the Spree River and the Spanish restaurant Faro in Kreuzberg. Ask at the reception for our special discount cards!

Enjoy your meal!


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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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