„In a city full of monkeys I am the king“, sings Berlin rapper Peter Fox; and indeed: those who step out of the train at the station Zoologischer Garten are often surprised to see a gang of monkeys. A gang of monkeys – right in the city? The Berlin Zoological Garden, one of Berlin’s oldest attractions, makes it possible.

Elephants, lions, kangaroos, or hippos, curious visitors can find big and small animals from all over the world here. Not only is it Germany’s oldest zoo, as it features almost 1.600 different species it is also Europe’s most species-rich zoo. Now in summer the many vivaria make you want to roam about, hang out, laugh and marvel. Kids will find their inner natural scientist here and there is always something to learn for the grown-ups, too. And with an ice cream cone in hand couples can enjoy a romantic stroll through exotic wildlife.

Outlooks and Insights

Due to the central location right in West Berlin the zoo offers some unique possibilities: the newly opened Bikini Berlin, the city’s first concept mall, not only features flagship stores of trendy brands from all over the globe but also a spacious roof terrace and a huge panorama window on the main floor, both of them with a nice view of the monkey-enclosure.

Another impressive view across the zoo can be found in the Monkey Bar on the 10th floor of the new 25hours Hotel in the Bikini Berlin. Even the restrooms have a panorama window here. But the fantastic Outlook may cause some uncomfortable insights here: inadvertently the windows were not mirrored and visitors of the zoo do get an excellent view not only of the animals in the foreground…

The East Berlin Version

What the Berlin Zoological Garden has been for West Berliners is called Tierpark in East Berlin. Other than the narrow Berlin Zoo the Tierpark in the borough Friedrichsfelde/Lichtenberg spans over a vast area and is considered a parkland zoo. On extended hikes between green trees and juicy meadows visitors can marvel over exotic and indigenous animals here, too, and they even find a more natural free-range area here. To many Berlin residents visiting the Tierpark is a welcome relief on sunny weekends.

You can reach both Berlin Zoological Garden and Tierpark quick and easy from Industriepalast Hostel:

To Zoological Garden it is a 20 minutes ride with the S-Bahn-Train from Warschauer Straße. Until August 25th the train will be interrupted due to construction works, but you can take the S-Bahn for one station until Ostkreuz and change to a regional train to Zoologischer Garden.

The Tierpark you reach even quicker: Simply take the S-Bahn for three stations until Lichtenberg and change there to the subway line U5.

Enjoy the urban wildlife,


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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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