The days are getting shorter, the leaves of the trees turn the city into a sea of colors and the wild summer bows itself slowly off. Stocking up on sun once more, getting a breath of fresh air or wrapping up warm for the first rainy days – in fall Berlin has a very special spirit. We have the best tips for a golden autumn in the city.


Kite Berlin

Fall is the time of wind, and no other place in Berlin is as windy as the Tempelhofer Feld. The giant area, which used to be a military and cargo airport, is right in the city center and unique. To many Berliners it is their favorite recreational area: in spring they even saved it from becoming an urban development area in a democratic referendum. The “Tempelhofer Freiheit” (Tempelhof Freedom), as the Berliners call it fondly, is best fun in fall for letting a kite fly. Where else can you let your kite artfully slide through the sky right in the city center with as much space as you can possibly ask for? Those who like it a little more extreme can get a kite surfing equipment and let the wind pull them over the vast field on a longboard – who needs water for kite surfing anyway?



It is way too early for the lazy winter! If you are sporty and you aim high you’ll find an extraordinary climbing spot just a ten minute walk from Industriepalast Hostel: On the old industrial RAW area, next door with famous clubs like Astra, Suicide Circus or Cassiopeia, is the Kegel, an old industrial tower-turned-climbing-wall. To climb and boulder is possible both indoors and outdoors under all weather. There are routes and walls for all levels of difficulty, but the hardcore climbers go for the peak of the tower. There’s even a guest book at the top. Equipment can be hired at the spot and it’s not expensive. Will you dare it?



Once a year artists both local and from abroad light up the capital in a special way: the Festival of Lights turns famous sights of the city into shining light installations. Maybe funny, thought-provoking, romantic, but always very impressive – the artworks of lights baffle throughout the city. The best way to check out TV Tower, Brandenburg Gate and Central Station is to grab a bicycle. Those who prefer a more relaxed way to get around can take one of the cycle taxis, do a bus tour (about 1:45h) to all the glooming sights or even float on a boat through the city.



After a long summer break the cultural life of the capital is flourishing again. There’s no better time to check out some of the world’s best theaters, concert halls, operas or musicals than during fall. Why not go and see the unique Berlin musical “Hinterm Horizont”, visit one of the three famous opera houses of the city or marvel at the young acting ensemble of Berlin it-boy Lars Eidinger in the Schaubühne Theater. Clubs and music venues will be in top form, too; superstars like Lady Gaga, Paolo Nutini, Linkin Park, John Legend or the Black Keys stream in and out – for instance at 02-World, right around the corner. And here at the hostel reception we always have some secret tips for you, too…



Berlin is said to be Europe’s greenest capital, but during fall the countless deciduous trees turn the city into a red golden sea of colors. The huge Tiergarten with its spacious woods and meadows right in the center of Berlin is the perfect spot for a romantic autumn stroll: the squirrels and rabbits collect their winter stock right in front of your feet and around you the leaves fall in the evening light. It’s hard to believe, but this autumn paradise is not even a five minute walk from Potsdamer Platz or Brandenburg Gate. Stick to Rufus Wainwright when he sings: “Won’t you walk me through the Tiergarten?”! Catch the last rays of sunlight and stop by for a nice cup of hot chocolate at our Industriepalast Bar – or maybe a longdrink to start off into an exciting night?

Have a beautiful autumn time here in Berlin,


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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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