Fall is here and what could be better then spending the first gray and cloudy days wrapped up warmly with a good movie at hand? Berlin is in many ways Germany’s capital of film, too, and our Top10 of the best flicks about Berlin makes you dream through the streets and stories of the city.

This week we present the places 10 to 6:

place10: THE LIVES OF OTHERS (2006)

When director Florian Henckel von Donnarsmarck (what a German name!) received the Oscar for best foreign language film, many said this was going to be the renaissance of the internationally successful German cinema. Even though this hope might not have become real entirely, The Lives of Others is a German period movie of international standing. The GDR drama about an author, his unfaithful girlfriend, and a Stasi captain’s purification as a good person is touching, makes you think and is still exciting and thrilling. In reality, denials of service were quite rare, but Ullrich Mühe plays the captain stung with remorse so utterly believable, the historic frame comes to life. If you are interested in German history, this is a must-see!

place9: RABBIT WITHOUT EARS (2007)

A film by German actor Till Schweiger, featuring Till Schweiger and somehow even about Till Schweiger. Those who like the country’s most successful actor can look forward to two hours of laughing, crying and entertainment. Berlin is the place of plot and production for the love story between a nymphomaniac tabloid press journalist and a kindergarten teacher, and the city’s VIPs stream in and out. Highlight of the film is first-time actress Nora Tschirner – marvelous.

place8: THE EDUKATORS (2004)

“Rebellion is more difficult now. Before all it took was dope and long hair and the establishment was automatically against you. What was considered subversive then, you can buy in the shops today.” Director Hans Weingärtner’s thoughtful film about a flatshare in Berlin and their urge to fight the system brings up many questions and dedicates a cinematic monument to the children in the shade of the liberal ’68 generation. “The Edukators”, as the triumvirate Jan, Peter and Jule call themselves, break into posh villas to frighten rich capitalists before they accidentally kidnap a millionaire. In a small hut in the Bavarian alps the entire dilemma of a powerless-but-angry generation becomes visible. Ten years after the movie’s release still a highly topical subject, since: “every heart is a revolutionary cell.”

place7: HERR LEHMANN (2003)

So what is to say about this movie? Besides that it is as Berlin as anyhow possible? “What is the content of life?”, asks Mr. Lehmann and accidentally goes out in search for meaning in the confusing weeks before the fall of the Berlin Wall. He strolls through the nights of Kreuzberg, falls in love, makes a fool out of himself, sees the world rise and fall, just to return to a shabby pub again. Actor Christian Ulmen plays the anti-hero from Sven Regener’s novel of the same name for us to love, laugh and cry. Full of real Berlin places, fictional corner pubs and heaps of nostalgia the film by director Leander Haußmann is a highlight for all Berlin-fans. “Nighty-night, Herr Lehmann.”


When Hollywood comes to Berlin to shoot a film the result is often tremendously awful – just think about Valkyrie or EuroTrip. But with The Bourne Supremacy director Paul Greengrass serves a spy thriller of the finest art, in which the German capital is more than just scenery. The second part of the film series about the former CIA contract killer Jason Bourne brings breathtaking high-speed pursuits in the streets of Berlin, snappy fights in hotel rooms and a well though-out plot full of twists. For those who love the genre an absolute delight with much Berlin in it.

Curious? Next week there will be more of our Top10 Berlin movies.

Stay excited and see you next week,


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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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