Last week we introduced you to the first five of our Top10 Berlin Movies. Here comes the rest – say action for the places 5 to 1:

place5: BERLIN CALLING (2008)

Is it possible to capture Berlin’s techno music scene in a film? Director Hannes Stör made it possible. Together with music producer and lead actor Paul Kalkbrenner the film maker created a nightly cosmos of clubs, drugs, sex and rehab. Driving like its beats the film dives deep into the psychology of a celebrated DJ far off the celebrity hype. The sentimental techno score along the theme song Sky and Sand provides the soundtrack for the city of Berlin and its clubs, whose otherwise fugitive nights Berlin Calling captures in masterly fashion.

place4: GOOD BYE, LENIN! (2003)

Alexander’s mother falls into a coma only a few weeks before the fall of the Berlin wall and sleeps through the turnaround. When she wakes up, her son wants to save her from the shock and lets the GDR survive artificially for her. As if that was not already touching enough, there is a moving love story, much eastern nostalgia and the melancholic soundtrack by Yann Tiersen. Around the miracle of 1989 director Wolfgang Becker built together with lead actor Daniel Brühl a fairytale of the dying GDR. A sentimental history lesson and a wonderful film about Berlin!

place3: RUN LOLA RUN (1998)

Lola runs, not once, not twice, no, three times through Berlin to save her boyfriend who has only 20 minutes to live because he engaged with the wrong kind of people. Thrice the same time period, three different developments and an immense amount of speed and excitement. The masterpiece of director Tom Tykwer is off the common narrative style and has made cinematic history. The film lives in and of Berlin; Franka Potente aka Lola runs with bright red hair and pumping electronic beats through Kreuzberg, through Mitte, through Charlottenburg, across Oberbaumbrücke and time is running out. One hour later the audience sits on the sofa drenched with sweat and ponders about time, decisions and the power of chance. Great cinema; much, much Berlin.

place2: SONNENALLEE (1999)

“There used to be a country I had lived in. I’ve spent the most memorable moments of my life there. It was the time I was young and in love.” The film by director Leander Haußmann cleared the way for the term “Ostalgie” (eastern German nostalgia): sentimental and full of esprit the movie approaches a youth at the shorter – the eastern – end of Berlin street Sonnenallee and draws a charming portrait of the land shaded by its own wall. Stasi and army do have their place, but the focus is on the dancing, living and crying of an adolescent gang of losers. One and a half hours of goosebumps and melancholic laughter – amazing.

place1: OH BOY (2012)

If Woody Allen was a Berliner, he would have made this movie. The German urban neurotic of the present is called Niko (played by the incredibly talented Tom Schilling) and strolls on an aimless search for meaning through the black-and-white capital wreathed in jazz. Director Jan-Ole Gerster has sketched out a dreamy but visually stunning microcosm of Berlin, that makes the shabby aesthetics of the city a philosophy. And right there moves the most likeable loser of the generation hipster: “You know when you get the feeling that the people all around you are kinda strange somehow? But when you think about it a little longer you realize it’s not the others but you who’s the problem?” And all he wants is a cup of coffee… THE Berlin movie of our time!

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Let’s get the popcorn and see you soon here in Berlin,


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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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