You think street food is nothing but a little snack in between; a pizza slice for lunch break or a pretzel on your shopping tour? You must have missed one of the yummiest trends of the last few years: street food markets. Taking a bite of the world’s cuisine in a nice atmosphere doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Here are Berlin’s most beautiful street food markets:

So far we knew of a real scene for street food mostly in countries not far from the equator, where life takes place on the streets more commonly and ready-made, affordable food is being sold from street stalls and on markets all day long. Those who may have tried freshly grilled shrimps or a phở soup in the evening sun of Thailand or Vietnam, or maybe even had a bite of spicy tacos and quesadillas on a dusty town square in Mexico, might easily miss the culture of sharing some good food under the open sky here in central Europe. Kebab shops and hot dog stalls have catered to the needs of hungry people with no time alright, but the recent hipster movement has turned the issue into a real lifestyle trend: street food markets. Classy, multifaceted, and with all sorts of other attraction they offer stylish gnawshs to the hungry. Fast food is slow food here, no proper seating makes for the street style, and there are countless opportunities for Instagramming. That being said, it’s a splendid way to spend a fun and yummy day with friends in a nice setting. So here are the capital’s most tasty street food markets:

A Classic: Markthalle Neun

Emerging from a weekly market in the extraordinary setting of an old central market hall, the legendary Street Food Thursday in Markthalle Neun has earned a reputation of tastiness. The hall is some 120 years old and every thursday night you can find fancy snacks, food and drinks from all around the globe here. However, the focus is always on regional, organic, and fair trade. Besides the weekly market with a similar concept, still happening on Fridays and Saturdays, there’s also a canteen and a little café, both open every day. And in the autumn of 2014 the street food festival StadtLandFood turned the entire neighbourhood into a snacking paradise for the first time. By the way, Street Food Thursday is just as yummy as popular, so make sure to arrive early. Otherwise you might find the mouth-watering odor still in the air – but the pans empty.

At a glance:

Street Food Thursday in Markthalle Neun (Eisenbahnstraße) in Berlin Kreuzberg. Every Thursday, 5 – 10 pm.

For Hip(ster) People: Berlin Village Market in Neue Heimat

We might dare to state that no other place in Berlin is as hip and hipster as the old RAW area in Friedrichshain. Surrounded by the techno capital’s best clubs and nestled in the remnants of an old railroad workshop Neue Heimat has found a (new) home here; a project that is all about the beautiful things in life: art, music and – more than anything – good food. Besides bar-and-food nights every Friday and Saturday the Berlin Village Market on Sundays is the place to be: Starting from noon you can stroll through the countless opportunities of sophisticated snacking in a charming industrial atmosphere with fashionable yuppie families, techno freaks dressed in black on their way home from Berghain and all sorts of other lifestyle groups from the melting pot of Friedrichshain. There are jazz bands and local djs playing relaxed afterhour techhouse, as well as theatre performances. Sure there are cheaper places for an expanded sunday afternoon brunch, but this is where the hip richness of Friedrichshain culminates. Not for early risers, not for bores.

At a glance:

Berlin Village Market in Neue Heimat at RAW area (Revaler Straße) in Berlin Friedrichshain. Every Sunday, 12 am – 10 pm.

The Prenzl Way: Street Food auf Achse

Prenzlauer Berg has had it’s wild years of boisterous punkness, but they are long gone. Today the borough owns the relaxed and self-confident vibe of alternatively posh cafés and vintage markets. You can find this specific vibe also on the market Street Food auf Achse every sunday in the cozy yard of KulturBrauerei. The initiators have created a platform for the gourmet food trucks of the region. Those who find Markthalle Neun too crowded and Neue Heimat too “hip” will find here, what street food should mainly be about: street food. Just that. Street food. It’s surprisingly affordable, the atmosphere is relaxed and the yellowish clinker bathes the yard in a warm light even on cloudy days. A real insider’s tip!

At a glance:

Street Food auf Achse in the yard of KulturBrauerei (Schönhauser Allee) in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Every other Sunday (during summer every Sunday), 11 am – 8 pm. Is your mouth watering by now? All three street food markets can be reached from Industriepalast Hostel in less than 15 minutes. So keep some appetite for your trip to Berlin!

Have a feasting time in the capital,


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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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is Berliner by choice and a passionate backpacker himself. As a receptionist he knows the real hostel life; as a blogger he's been writing for Industriepalast Hostel's Berlin blog since 2014.
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