Stil vor Talent Festival 2015

Summer in Berlin, that means: dancing under the clear sky! The open air season is about to begin and the first highlight is just coming up: Stil vor Talent Festival 2015. On June 7th you can dance the day away with finest electronic dance music in Rummelsburg and give the summer a proper welcome. Here is all you need to know:

The Label

The mastermind behind Berlin-based label Stil vor Talent (short: SvT) is none other than house music producer Oliver Koletzki. Following the surprising success of his track Mückenschwarm he founded Stil vor Talent in 2005, which has since established a position as one of the most influential german EDM labels. Besides founder Oliver Koletzki Stil vor Talent today lists artists like Sascha Braemer, Animal Trainer, Kellerkind and HVOB.

The Festival

Pretty soon after the label kicked off, Koletzki and his fellow artists started throwing the first SvT parties. For two years now the location Rummelsburg in the east of Berlin has become the home for two big festivals celebrating the beginning and ending of summer every year. Since the techno and house music scene of Berlin has become anything but an underground movement, many open air parties have developed into rather commercialized events. By avoiding most kinds of sponsoring and branding, Stil vor Talent has managed to pursue a different path and focuses on what really matters: parties that are simply fun to everyone.

The Location

Sandy beach at the Spree, a green paradise right on the river shore and a lot of space to dance and relax – that is Rummelsburg in the borough of the same name in Berlin. The opening and closing of the open air summer has been laid in the hands of Stil vor Talent since 2013. That means you can not only look forward to the opening party on June 7th, but also to the ending party in September. And since SvT turns 10 this year, the end-of-summer rave might well become an extraordinarily spectacular thing…

The Artists

That’s what we call a reasonable line-up: Besides in-house artists like Animal Trainer, Channel X and Kellerkind, Cologne-based duo Andhim will get the most of the turntables. A pleasant surprise is this big name: Dominik Eulberg will be serving finest minimal techno. And the highlight, of course, will be the set of label head Oliver Koletzki. As if that was not enough, there will be all sorts of fun decoration and a pretty crazy and unique balloon show by artist Micha de Haan. Something you should definitely see before you die!

We think that Stil vor Talent Festival 2015 is the best way to get the festival summer started. That is why we have been drumming up business for the event with a huge banner on the outside of our Industriepalast Hostel:


And since we are really looking forward to the festival, the banner will remain there until June 7th. Tickets for the party are available online here at 22 €. Don’t miss it!

At a Glance:

Stil vor Talent Festival 2015 on Sunday, June 7th at 2 pm in Rummelsburg. Tickets: 22€.

Line up: Oliver Koletzki, Andhim, Dominik Eulberg, Animal Trainer, Kellerkind, Channel X, Illesnoise, Bentomane, Murat Kilic.

See you on the sandy dance floor,


Blogger at Industriepalast Hostel

P.S.: Not quite sure if the party is really THAT cool? Check out last year’s recap:

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