It is common sense by know that Berlin is the trendiest capital in the world right now. It is that unique mix of creative people, different cultures, and an exceptional history that make it so special – Berlin is like no other place on earth. Still not convinced? Then check out theses seven things that only exist in Berlin:

one: The world’s longest open air gallery

eastside gallery

Sure, the Berlin Wall was torn down almost three decades ago – but not all of it: A 1.3 kilometer part of it on the shores of Spree river remained and became a canvas for artists from all around the world. More than 100 large-scale paintings made a formerly grey concrete wall the world-famous East Side Gallery. There are even more smaller images that are being constantly altered and repainted, and if there is any site that will be listed world heritage for its graffitis, it’s this. A dark chapter of German history that was turned into one of the most creative places ever.

two: Your saviour and haven: the “Späti”


Here in Berlin, you will learn to love this word, and even more what it stands for: the Späti or Spätkauf will help you out, no matter what it is that you need, at any hour. Being the heart and haunt of every neighborhood, the Späti is so much more than just a kiosk – although it will supply you with drinks, snacks, or cigarettes of course, even in the darkest hour of night. In a city that never sleeps, the Späti is the provider for (almost) any need.

three: An abandoned airport in the city center


Take an enormous abandoned airport, place it right in the heart of a big city, and let the community turn it creatively into a public park. You may now enjoy Tempelhofer Freiheit, the breezy local recreational area in the center of the capital. The former landing strips make for all sorts of sports activities and the vast meadows are home to guerilla gardening projects and the cities best bbq parties. And don’t forget about the awesome scenery of plane wrecks and abandoned hangars. Let it simmer for a while and serve in the sundown with a cold beer at hand.

four: Never-ending parties


You know what a “curfew” is, right? Well – we don’t! When the lights go out elsewhere, that is when nightlife here get’s really started. Most clubs don’t open before midnight, and as soon as the djs get the party started it won’t be ending soon. There are “night” clubs that remain open all weekend from Friday through Monday without a break, and even during the week there is always a party happening somewhere. During summer the legendary open air parties make sure you will never want to stop dancing, so be warned before you get here: Whenever you feel like partying, no matter what the hour is, it will happen. And it will be good.

five: The world’s trendiest flea market


Flea markets, you would say, are these shabby and slightly weird gatherings of collectors and other junk lovers? You’re miles out! Thanks to the everlasting vintage and retro wave of the last few years the German capital’s flea markets have turned into hip shopping parties. The most popular one is Prenzlauerberg’s Mauerpark Flea Market every sunday. It is more of a street (food) festival and designers’ gathering than an actual flea market, and the street performers alone are worth the visit – not to mention the huge karaoke party under the open sky. Time to pop some tags!

six: An island full of museums


Sure, every major city has a couple of museums and they’re most often a magnet for tourism. But an entire island made up of museums? You have to come to Berlin to find that. Museum Island in Berlin Mitte has been one of the biggest museum complexes since the 19th century and its architecture is iconic. No wonder it made the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999.

seven: Like a creative phoenix from the ruins


When factory halls are not being used anymore and the light goes out in manufacturing facilities it is mostly ruins that are left behind. But it doesn’t need to be this way: RAW Area in Berlin Friedrichshain has been transformed from an industrial wasteland into a creative community hotspot and one of the city’s most trending locations. During daytime the galleries and bistros, a skating hall, climbing venue, and permanent pool party make this an urban playground for (more or less) grown-ups, before the nightclubs, bars, and concert venues take over the night.

You might understand now what makes Berlin so unique and exceptional. And even if you don’t – it is always better to see for yourself. So grab a bag and come visit us at Industriepalast Hostel Berlin to find out about this very special place yourself.

See you soon,


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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

Simon Reuter (Blogger)

ist Wahlberliner aus Überzeugung und vielgereister Backpacker aus Leidenschaft. Als Rezeptionist erlebt er das Hostel-Leben an vorderster Front, als Blogger leitet er seit 2014 den Berlin-Blog des Industriepalast Hostels.

is Berliner by choice and a passionate backpacker himself. As a receptionist he knows the real hostel life; as a blogger he's been writing for Industriepalast Hostel's Berlin blog since 2014.
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