If you think that the best a burger can get is what they offer at certain restaurants with golden arches, better think again. Because burgers have long become the biggest issue in contemporary street food gourmet culture. In Berlin, burger restaurants spring up like mushrooms everywhere and each and every one of them seems to have their own formula of success. Some stick to the classics, others come up with unique creations, but they all claim to be the best. With such a variety of choice you might easily get lost between the brioche buns, so we from Industriepalast Hostel Berlin took one for the team and ate our way through the city just to make sure you can enjoy nothing but pure burger perfection once you’re in the German capital. Here are our top 5 burger joints in Berlin:

five: Kreuzburger

Would you like a pun with your burger? Right on Kreuzberg’s notorious Oranienstraße they came up with the right burger sandwich for (almost) all boroughs of Berlin. How about a Schöneburger with soft cheese and rucola? Or a Prenzlburger with salami and jalapeños? Vegetarians will just love the mozzarella and haloumi sandwiches and the homemade “house fries” make for the perfect side to anything. It’s not the fanciest of all the burger joints, but thanks to the simple style, the good location, and the favourable prices Kreuzburger has lost nothing of its authentic charm. For a quick snack on your way to the pub there is nothing better than this. And it’s not only for Kreuzburgers, err, -bergers anymore: Prenzlauerberg and the popular borough around Friedrichshain’s Simon-Dach-Straße have their own branch stores.

| Oranienstr. 110, Berlin Kreuzberg. Open daily 12-22. |

four: Burgeramt

Burgeramt on Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain is exactly the kind of burger joint that a trendy borough like this one deserves. At the crossroads of minimalist service, reasonable prices, and exceptional burger creations containing mango, peanut sauce, or pesto, this small takeaway is often bursting at the seams. What it lacks in sitting accommodations it makes up for with fresh ingredients and good beef and if you don’t mind queuing for a few minutes, your in for a real treat here. A burger, trendy as Friedrichshain.

| Krossenerstr. 21/22, Berlin Friedrichshain. Open daily 11-24. |

three: Schillerburger

…and here comes the next trendy borough! Not long ago, Neukölln was the most deprived area in Berlin, before a mighty wave of gentrification swept the streets lined with kiosks, kebab shops, and dirty casinos and turned Neukölln into the creative Mecca of Europe. “Schillerkiez” is a name given to a handful of blocks on the edge of Tempelhofer Feld and it is synonymous with a young, diverse, urban lifestyle. Now try to imagine a burger just like that and you have got Schillerburger: Fresh ingredients from local farmers, unusual ideas, and the hipsteresque charm of ridiculous spectacles and full beards make for hamburgers that both taste great and look amazing on instagram. And while you’re delightfully chewing a burger creation named “Don Carlos” or “Wallenstein” you can even learn something about our national German poet Friedrich Schiller. Schillerburger is so popular that there are branch stores all over eastern Berlin now, but when you’re putting on those skinny jeans anyway, you might just as well go for the original in Neukölln. Don’t forget to hashtag!

| Herrfurthstr. 7, Berlin Neukölln. Open daily 12-24. |

two: Burgermeister

Once upon a time there was a public restroom right underneath the metro viaduct next to Schlesisches Tor in Kreuzberg. It was a beautiful, antique little loo, so someone decided to turn it into a burger joint. And that is how Burgermeister was born. It has more than just an, err, “unusual” location though, the aromatic, medium well-done beef patties are the tasty proof that Burgermeister is a burger-master. The iconic little takeaway on the centre strip of a busy street enjoys cult-status, but the fresh ingredients and reasonable prices remain the same. For many Berliners, this is the only real hamburger in town. And if you really care for a roof over your head, check out the branch store at Kottbusser Tor.

| Oberbaumstr. 8, Berlin Kreuzberg. Open daily 11-3. |

one: White Trash

Calling White Trash a “burger joint” would be like calling Burning Man a music festival. “Exotic-American post punk beer garden truck stop” sounds more accurate, although in order to really understand what this place is about, you will have to come – and taste – for yourself. Thanks to the exploding gas fire flames on the roof you will hardly be able to miss this place, and you really shouldn’t, for there is live music every night, a very diverse crowd, and arguably the best burgers in town! No matter if it is the classic cheeseburger or the odd-but-yummy “Octopus Burger” with squid instead of beef, it’s more than just food, it’s an experience. Everything they sell is organic and there is always a veggie option available. And once you have really fallen in love with your supper, you can get a tattoo of your favorite burger at the associated tattoo studio next door. You might think you’ve seen and tasted a lot, but there’s nothing like this place. Period.

| Am Flutgraben 2, Berlin Treptow. Open daily 12 -1. |

You might feel a little hungry by now, but before you go smash some juicy beef, make sure to book a trip to Berlin to explore the yummy side of life and so much more. We from Industriepalast Hostel will make sure you’ll be enjoying your stay here in every way. For more tips for amazing food in Berlin ask our receptionists or simply go out and eat your way through the city.

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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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