The preliminaries are over, time for the Final 16 of UEFA EURO 2016 in France! We’re sure you’re just as excited as we are to see the ball rolling again until 10 July. What you should know though, is that we Germans have quite an… erm… unique hobby when it comes to soccer: Public Viewing. What that is? Imagine a public place, like a square, a street, or a beer garden, packed with Germans dressed in soccer jerseys and swinging flags, following the match on a huge screen, and going all nuts over every single thing that happens on the field. An atmosphere that you’d maybe expect to find in a soccer stadium, but not on the street around the corner. Well, that is Public Viewing, and we sure love it. You want to be part of this amazing experience? Well you’ve come at the right moment, as for the next few weeks Berlin will be all about Europe’s 24 best national teams fighting for the trophy. We have put together the best venues for real German Public Viewing in Berlin for you:

What a swell party it is

This is anything but an insider’s tip: In the heart of the German capital you’ll find what is quite likely the biggest Public Viewing event in the world – The Fanmeile (“fan mile”) at Brandenburg Gate. Almost 2 kilometers long and lined with huge screens, stages, and food stalls, the fan party can host up to 100,000 visitors. During the group stage only the matches of the German team will be shown, but the knockout phase will be covered entirely, all the way to the final on 10 July. There’s no admission, but you are not allowed to take large bags or, of course, glass bottles with you.

Slightly smaller but no less exciting is 11Freunde EM-Quartier, a month-long event covering every single match of the UEFA EURO 2016 in two venues: Astra Kulturhaus on Friedrichshain’s RAW Area and Lido in Kreuzberg. Together these two venues have space for up to 4.000 fans and you can watch the game on numerous LED screens and Full-HD tvs. The best part of it: Both clubs are only a leisurely 10 minute walk from Industriepalast Hostel and admission is free. What are we waiting for?


No need for the grand party? How about a classic night out at the beer garden then? One of the oldest and nicest in town is PraterGarten on Kastanienallee in Prenzlauerberg. They offer fine beers, good eats, and all matches on the big screen. If the weather doesn’t play along, you can find shelter in their tent. How to get there? Simply take tram M10 to Eberswalder Straße.

Almost in the shape of a traditional soccer club house appears Golgatha, beautifully located in Kreuzberg’s Viktoriapark. There’s a rooftop terrace to catch the last beams of sunlight before you sit down in the lower beer garden to watch a game or two. The beer runs from the tap and there’s always a classic bbq for the bratwurst hunger. Prices are moderately cheap and you can take a nice stroll up Kreuzberg in between two matches to catch an amazing sunset.

Do you like our recommendations? Countless pubs throughout town will show most games, especially those of the German team. To make sure you won’t get lost in the jungle of Public Viewing options, local newspaper Berliner Zeitung has come up with a handy UEFA EURO 2016 route map for some prime live streaming hubs:

em fahrplan

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Industriepalast Hostel is the perfect headquarter for your soccer party in Berlin, so book a room and have a great UEFA EURO summer 2016 at our Public Viewing favorites in the capital.


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