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The door is locked, you and your friends are trapped in a sealed room. You have 60 minutes to solve all the riddles and escape the trap. And everything around you could be a piece of the giant puzzle… What are you going to do? It may sound like the beginning of a new thriller that premiers on this year’s Berlinale, but it’s actually real – well, mostly. Live Escape Games are fun like murder-mystery dinners, dodgy like computer games, and exciting like a thriller. And you can be right in the middle of it. Sounds like fun? It sure is! All you need to know about the detective games for adults:

What are Live Escape Games?

Sherlock Escape Game

Escape Games are technically a kind of adventure computer games that have players solve tough puzzles in order to escape a locked room or house on the screen. A few years ago some clever Japanese came up with the brilliant idea to move the concept from the digital into the real world – and Live Escape Games were born. Since then they have spread like lightning to the rest of the world, entertaining first-timers and advanced hobby detectives alike. The setup is easy to explain: You and your friends are being locked inside a sealed room (after a thorough introduction of course) that is prepared with numerous puzzles and clues. Then you have one hour in order to solve the riddles, get to the bottom of the mystery, and escape the room – and maybe even save the world, depending on the storyline.

Who can play?

Live Escape Games Berlin

Live Escape Games are literally for everyone who enjoys solving riddles. Normally the setup allows for 2 to 6 people and there’s no need to have any prior knowledge or experience. The main target group are adults, but it can be tremendous fun for kids and families, too. Just check with the operator beforehand whether or not the chosen game is suitable for children. Generally speaking there is no need to fear creepy psycho effects or bloody horror scenes – unless you deliberately choose to go for an x-rated horror game. The main point, however, is to always have fun.

OK, this sounds awesome. Now where can I play?

There are numerous options in Berlin already, but our favorite clearly is Escape Berlin. Located close to Ostkreuz this is Europe’s biggest Live Escape Game offering games in both English and German. The team has put a lot of effort into creating impressive settings and complex scenarios with ever more surprising twists. It is up to you whether you want to search the historic apartment of Sherlock Holmes for any clues about the whereabouts of the missing detective, break into the faithfully reconstructed nerdy flat of The Big Bang Theory in order to steal some sort of treasure, or rather get to the bottom of things (and bottles, too) in a real liquor store. If you think those nerves of yours are made of steel, you might want to check out their brand new horror game “RAW”. Let us know how it went, if you live to tell the story, that is…

Games at Escape Berlin start at only 19€ per person. Reservations can be made through their website. By the way, they have gift cards, too, which make for a perfect present for you and your friends – an exciting add-on to your trip to Berlin.

A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery: Live Escape Games

To make sure the thrilling puzzles are not going to rob you of your sleep, make sure to get a comfy place to stay in town. Why don’t you book your bed at Industriepalast Hostel Berlin right away, and then it’s time to solve some mysteries!

Have a great time discovering your inner Sherlock Holmes,


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