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It’s beginning to look a lot like… party! While everyone else is complaining about that stressful Christmas time you might already plan for something much, much more important: New Year’s 2017 is coming up! You probably can’t wait for the biggest party of the year to finally be here. And of course it is going to happen in the NYE party capital of Europe – in Berlin! You want to party hard on New Year’s, yet you fear for that dreadful next morning? Waking up to a massive hangover and, more severely, an empty wallet? Don’t despair and call it a year yet, just because you’re broke as usual. Yes, you can party hard and wild into the new year right in the heart of Berlin without having to forgo any luxuries – cheaply. Wait, that’s possible? Read on:

All Inclusive

No thinking about tomorrow, just living the moment and partying hard – that’s what a proper New Year’s Eve is for. Too bad that way too soon you might have to call it a night when that empty wallet of yours just won’t let you purchase another drink. And no matter how hard you try to not think about it, there is the morning after. Yes. It exists. And it is full of regrets. Unless… You do it the clever way: All Inclusive Parties. You book your package in advance and it contains everything you need: admission, free food, bottomless drinks, and champagne at midnight. This way, you can enjoy the party with zero regrets and you really don’t need to think about tomorrow. And the best part: If you book early enough in advance, these packages are actually surprisingly cheap. The German capital offers numerous such parties on NYE. Like stylish Penthouse on Gendarmenmarkt, whose all-inclusive party pre-sells for as little as 49€. Silvester Club on Karl-Marx-Allee has an early-bird special starting from 29€. There’s a legendary New Year’s party on five floors with panorama bar at historic cinema Kino International right next to Alexanderplatz. Admission is normally 15€, for 69€ you get the gold package that includes everything. And if you can’t quite decide which of these awesome parties to choose, why bother? Silvester-Ticket Berlin is your ticket to 8 of the biggest NYE parties in the capital. A free shuttle service takes you from one party to another, and there are bottomless drinks everywhere – and that means no less than 26 floors. On early bird, this incredible offer is only 89€! There’s a great overview with online booking options available on this platform.

Be flexible

Techno freaks and Berlin club scene insiders know: the best clubs and parties do not offer ticket pre-sales. To party here is to wait in line, pray, and hope that the bouncer likes your face. It’s a risky business, of course, for you might just end up queuing all through the night without being admitted anywhere. On the other hand, Berlin’s techno clubs are notorious for their precious line-ups and wild parties during the days and nights surrounding New Year’s. Admission isn’t much more expansive than on any other day of the year. And since New Year’s is on a sunday this year, many a club will insist on opening its doors continuously from Friday night through tuesday morning – nonstop. So if you’re willing to take the risk or you’re a techno freak, the road to NYE happiness is flexibility and spontaneity. And you might just end up in one of Berlin’s notorious underground techno clubs for the biggest party of the year. I guess if you put it that way… it’s worth the risk.

Big, bigger,…

This option is, obviously, not an insider’s tip. But it is huge, awesome, unforgettable, and, best of all: for free. We’re talking about Europe’s biggest New Year’s party with more than 1 million guests at Brandenburg Gate. For the first time this year there’s a chance to pre-game on the day before, when the party mile opens its gates from 2pm through 8pm for a little pre-party. The big event happens on NYE though, when from 2pm until the early morning some 1 million people celebrate together. There are no all-inclusive packages available and you will have to pay for your drinks and snacks, obviously. But given the huge crowd and free admission, this is still a great deal. Live music acts, famous djs, and an ocean of party people will make for an unforgettable experience.

Finding an affordable place to stay in Berlin on New Year’s can be quite difficult, but Industriepalast Hostel Berlin offers a beautiful and comfy stay at a prime location and a very decent price. It’s right on Warschauer Straße in the nightlife district, yet it’s a classy place and great value. Book your bed right now and get ready for the NYE experience of a lifetime!

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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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Simon Reuter (Blogger)

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