25 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall

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The world’s eyes will look upon Berlin this day: On the 9th of November 2014 the fall of the Berlin Wall has its 25th anniversary. Where a quarter-century ago “grew together what belonged together”, the unity will be celebrated with spectacular images to remember the victims.

Those who walk through Brandenburg Gate freely, cross Oberbaumbrücke or stroll through the Mauerpark flea market nowadays might have troubles to imagine that an insurmountable border stood here. The Berlin Wall divided the city for 28 years in an eastern and western part. Federal Republic and GDR were pitted against each other as two systems and two worlds, and the wall of concrete and barb wire became the symbol for this frontier. In a peaceful revolution the wall fell on the 9th of November 1989 and the path was clear for a reunited Germany.

For the 25th anniversary the Wall will be visible again: 8000 luminous balloons draw the former border through the entire city. The impressive installation named “Lichtgrenze” by the artists and brothers Christopher and Marc Bauder will stand as a memorial for the symbol of unfreedom and separation between November 7th and 9th. During the festive celebration on the 9th of November at 7 pm the balloons will be released with wishes from all over the globe into the night sky over Berlin. You can read all the wishes online at: www.fallofthewall25.com.

LICHTGRENZE from Fall of the Wall 25 on Vimeo.

Furthermore, a number of additional installations will invite you to think and learn between Bornholmer Straße and Oberbaumbrücke. In an open-air exhibition 100 life stories in the shade of the wall will be portrait on their original spot. Also, on large screens at certain points along the light installation film collages about the Berlin wall will be shown. At Industriepalast Hostel you are right next to the East Side Gallery, the most famous remaining part of the wall. Information pavilions, hourly guided tours and breathtaking views on the luminous memorial will keep you stunning through the entire weekend here. Don’t miss the most history-rich days of the year!

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Foto: www.berlin.de/Mauerfall2014

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