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Berlin is a huge city with many different facets. Most visitors only know separate squares and Underground stations of Berlin and therefore have a confusing image of the city which is fragmentary created by several isolated places. The best way to grasp Berlin is to discover it by bicycle because that’s how you’ll understand connections between the different districts. Also, you can explore secret corners and beautiful small streets which you probably won’t see by using public transport. Our partner Berlin on Bike offers different guided bicycle tours around Berlin.

Berlin on Bike has something for every taste. For instance, the tour “East Berlin Unplugged” shows you the history of the GDR and the current development of East Berlin. At the tour “Berlin’s Best”, you’ll see important sights and learn something about historic contexts. Like that, you get a good overview of the city and can further explore Berlin on this basis. The tour “Kreuzberg & Spree” shows you the colorful and alternative district of Kreuzberg with its multicultural atmosphere. Even architecture fans and night owls get their share: the tour “Future Berlin” explores Berlin’s current city planning projects and “Berlin by Night” shows you Berlin’s nightlife (almost) hands-on.


As you can see, Berlin on Bike has something for families, history fans, young people, students – simply for everybody. Their tours normally take 3.5 hours and cost about 14 €. If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry – you can book one from Berlin on Bike for only 5 € extra. And there isn’t only one type of rental bike – Berlin on Bike’s team has a total choice of 13 different bike types: women’s bikes, men’s bikes, Dutch bikes, children’s bikes, bikes with a child’s seat and many more. Their latest addition to the bike collection: the electric tricycles “eTrikes”, also called “E-Lefants” which make the tour extra fun.

We invited Martin, who is working at the bike depot of Berlin on Bike, to Industriepalast hostel and talked to him about the bike tours and idea of Berlin on Bike. Our short video shows you the results of our conversation:

Have fun watching it and see you soon on the bike!


(Blogger and receptionist at Industriepalast)

Photos: copyright Berlin on Bike

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