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You can tell Brie from Camembert and Julienne is not your French pen pal but the way you like your celery? Sorry to tell you this, but you show all the symptoms of being a real foodie. But don’t despair, there are places for people like you. Here in Berlin, we have even dedicated a whole week in October to you: Berlin Food Week 2017 from October 14 – 21, brings you the yummiest seven days of the year. You are a Michelin-starred chef and feel an urge to evolve your molecular cuisine? Your friends keep stopping by precisely around dinner time “coincidentally” just to see how you’re doing (“mmh, what’s that smell?”)? You and your stove don’t spend much time together, but that Spanish waiter at your favorite tapas bar has kind of become your significant other? Loving food comes in many different shapes, and Berlin Food Week has something for everyone who cares about good foods and healthy diets. Here’s all you need to know about the seven days of culinary delights:

House of Food

Art nouveau department store Kaufhaus Jandorf in Berlin Mitte is not only an architectural stunner. For Berlin Food Week it will turn into the headquarter of good taste, when food trends and gastronomic traditions are being explored on two floors. More than 70 food start-ups, local manufacturers, caterers, and brands create a tempting land of milk, honey, and dukkah in the shape of a unique market place. This House of Food offers you countless opportunities to try, taste, feel, and learn all about the newest flavors and techniques. It’s a great place for exchange with experienced foodie veterans and chefs, as well as manufacturers and critics. Inspiration and amazing flavours await you on the weekend of October 14 & 15, starting from 10 am (Sat through 10pm, Sun through 9pm).

Stadtmenü – a menu for the city

More than 60 restaurants will complete their menu with a special set meal on the occasion of Berlin Food Week. Stadtmenü comes with a general theme, creative chefs, and affordable options to make sure everyone can have a share of the finest treats. This year’s motto: “PilzParade – Mushroom Parade”. Each chef offers their individual interpretation of the theme, may it be simmered, fermented, or fried. Gourmet mushrooms from the forests of Brandenburg, exotic specialities from the far east, or french truffle magic – the sky’s the limit when fanciful creations shoot up all over town like, well, mushrooms. And even if you’re a newby to the world of fine dining, this is your chance to try it out: Three- or four-course menus are set to cost between 19 and 79€, some even include corresponding wines. Michelin-starred restaurants are on the list of participating restaurants just like charming young French brasseries. Find a list of all restaurants and menus here.

Food Clash Canteen

Take the avantgarde of Berlin’s food scene, put them in one room and have them create an exceptional multi-course dinner based on a common theme. What you get, is an amazing casual fine-dining experience: Food Clash Canteen. Four nights see some of the best chefs in town working together, with each one of them creating one remarkable course for an unforgettable fusion menu. FrauenWirtschaft focuses on female chefs from all round the world, while TellerSchau has a staggering ten top chefs from Berlin unite. If you have a thing for experimental cuisine, KüchenSpiele is the night for you. And to bridge the gap from tradition to craft beer present is the aim of HopenMahl with beer somelière and fine flavours surrounding the amber nectar. If you’re a gourmet, and you want to dine up-to-date with the local food scene, these four nights are for you.

But there is more: flagship mall Bikini at Zoological Garden puts healthy food and active lifestyles on display for Good Food Market on October 21. And Miele Gallery on Unter den Linden boulevard presents an enthralling gastronomic program in the high-end domestic appliances manufacturer’s showroom.

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