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We have to admit it: Berlin can be quite ugly and grey in wintertime, like even Peter Fox describes in his song “Schwarz zu Blau” (= black to blue).  What should you do on a grey winter’s day in Berlin if you’ve had enough of museums and partied all night on Friday and Saturday? We recommend: Off into Berlins baths and thermes! Here are our six favorites:

Friedrichshain – Kaminsauna in Friedrichshain

Not far from our hostel, you can relax on the three levels of the rustic sauna in Friedrichshain. There is a Finish sauna, Bio-sauna, infrared sauna, a roman steam sauna and a beautiful sauna garden. In warmer months, you can chill in the two little backyards and in colder months, the cozy chimney room is perfect to relax during breaks. From Industriepalast, it takes only 10 minutes by tram M10 to the stop „Bersarinplatz“ and from there, you can walk to the  sauna in a few minutes. A ticket for three hours at the sauna costs 10 €.

Kreuzberg – Liquidrom

In our neighboring district Kreuzberg, there is the urban therme “Liquidrom”, which was built in a very minimalistic and chic design. Besides a Finish sauna and a Himalaya salt sauna, there is also a steam sauna and healthy honey to rub on your skin. A must-see is the beautiful sound basin underneath stony archways – here you can drift in the water and listen to relaxing sounds. On several days during the week, fine acoustic and electronic live music is playing in the bath. With the U-Bahn U1, you get to the stop “Möckernbrücke” within 10 minutes where you’ll directly find the Liquidrom. A ticket for four hours costs 24,50 €.

Neukölln – Stadtbad Neukölln

In the up-and-coming district Neukölln, you’ll find one of the most beautiful baths of Berlin. The Stadtbad Neukölln was built already in 1914 and was seen as one of the most striking thermes in Europe. The layout of the bath reminds you of Greek basilisks and temples and also the mosaics, pillars and colonnades make you feel like you’re in a different time. Inside the bath, there is a herbal sauna, Finish sauna, a samarium with colored lights and a Greek-Roman steam sauna. Also, you can go for a swim in the small and large halls and gaze at the wonderful, antique architecture. To get to the Stadtbad Neukölln, just take the Underground for 30 minutes to the stop “Rathaus Neukölln”. A day pass for the bath costs 17 €.

Mitte – Schnurrbad at Kater Holzig

Even in the touristic district Mitte, there is a small, alternative wellness temple. Right at the famous club “Kater Holzig”, you’ll find the “SchnurrBad” directly at the Spree River. Kater Holzig was founded by the initiators of the well-known techno club “Bar25” which closed in 2010 to make way for new office buildings. If you want to chill out after a crazy party night at Kater Holzig, you can stay at the club and sweat at the sauna wagon, get a massage at the knead-wagon or warm up at the open-air fireplace next to the Spree River. Anyways, it is always worth visiting Kater Holzig because there are regularly events, flea markets and film festivals taking place. You can walk to Schnurrbad within 20 minutes and enjoy a nice walk along the river before and after your wellness adventure. A daily ticket for the SchnurrBad only costs 8€.

Prenzlauer Berg – Saunarivm

In the posh district of Prenzlauer Berg, you can relax at the “Saunarivm”. This sauna has a Roman-Greek atmosphere, a romantic sauna garden and many different types of sauna. After a sauna session you can cool down at the cooling island with bucket-, flood- and side showers. With the S-train, you reach the stop “S-Bahnhof Pankow” in about 30 minutes and from there it’s only 10 minutes walking distance to the Saunarivm. For 15€, you can spoil yourself the whole day.

More beautiful bath and thermes in berlin:

Who would have guessed that? Berlin isn’t just a party- and cultural paradise but it’s also a great city to chill out. So, if you’re at our Industriepalast next time, you should definitely treat yourself to a relaxing wellness day in one of Berlin’s baths and thermes.

Pictures: Liquidrom – Press

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