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“Do you know where we can get a tender and crisp pork knuckle? “–  one day two guests from Singapore came to the reception to ask us this question. Unfortunately, neither the receptionist nor the security had heard of the English term “pork knuckle“. That’s when a Finish guest entered the conversation and described to us what a “pork knuckle“  was. We soon realised that the two guests from Singapore where talking about a German pork speciality made of an especially tender part of a pork‘s leg. We all had to laugh when we realised that the only Germans in this conversation didn’t know what “pork knuckle“ meant.

What we call “Eisbein“ in German (= pork knuckle) is a traditional German dish which is especially popular in the colder autumn and winter months as it is a very hearty meal that warms you up. If you also feel like having a typical German meal on your holiday in Berlin, we can warmly recommend you to visit our culinary partner restaurant Keule. There you will get regional home-style food made after grannies recipes – like Schnitzel or Eisbein. From the hostel, it’s only a ten minutes walking distance to the restaurant on the famous street Simon-Dach-Straße in Friedrichshain.

But listen! Those of you who really want to experience the authentic cuisine of Berlin should also look behind the culinary scene of the city. Berlin is not necessarily known for good German food but it is especially known for its culturally diverse cuisine. Due to the many different cultures and lifestyles of Berliners, the city gained an immense variety of culinary treasures.  Here you find almost everything that the world of food holds: yummy Turkish Falafel, delicious Indian curries, hearty Polish pirogues, fresh-spicy meals from Vietnam or delicatessen from Egypt, Greece or Italy.  As you can see, it is really worth discovering and tasting the food in Berlin which you might not find in other German cities. There are many good and international restaurants in walking distance from our hostel – our receptionists (who are also mostly foodies) will of course give you advice on good restaurantsJ.

Besides its exciting multicultural cuisine, Berlin has another culinary speciality: an immense choice of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, shops and cafés. Especially in the last years, many vegan and vegetarian restaurants and shops have opened to offer meat-less or vegetable foods. That’s why Berlin is almost a heaven for all vegans, vegetarians and curious foodies. Got curious yourself? We recommend you to visit the vegan restaurant MioMatto which has just opened in Friedrichshain on top of the vegan supermarket Veganz. MioMatto is only five minuthes walking distance away from the hostel.

Last but not least, we hope that you enjoy Berlin’s cuisine – have fun with dining, feasting and savouring pork knuckle, international dishes or vegan meals.

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