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Angelic voices echoing along heartbreaking love songs or ear-splittingly cacophonic humiliation on stage – karaoke is a lot of fun. Japan’s biggest cultural export hit has continued its worldwide triumph for over two decades and thanks to game consoles it has even found its way into our living rooms. Still, nothing beats karaoke in its original form: on a stage in front of friends and strangers, ready to embarrass everyone in the room. Wanna go awkward, crazy, cringy and wild? Karaoke bars are the perfect place for a fun night out with friends! And there’s no need to fly to Tokyo just for an unforgettable night of karaoke fun: Berlin’s best karaoke bars and the most unusual locations wait to be discovered by you. Enough practice in the shower? Let’s make you a star (for one song’s length).

Weird, crazy, Berlin: Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke

Right on Warschauer Strasse, in the heart of Berlin’s nightlife hotspot Friedrichshain and next-door to Industriepalast Hostel sits Berlin’s most iconic karaoke bar: Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke is weird, queer, wild and unforgettable. Eight karaoke booths for up to six Tina Turners each, plus two extra-large booths for birthday parties, stag nights and other occasions. The waiting time is well spent at the exquisite bar or one of the foosball tables. The regular parties offer a chance for you to perform on the grand stage. Good to know: the two large groups can be reserved in advance, the small ones are allocated on the spot. Especially on the weekends, Monster Ronson’s is considered to be on of the hippest venues in town, including mean-looking bouncers and a queue like a techno club. Dress up, wear a costume and experience the frolicsomeness of Berlin.

|   Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke. Warschauer Str. 34, Berlin Friedrichshain.   |

Like a superstar: Green Mango

Berlin’s biggest karaoke bar is a lot more than just a karaoke bar: Three distinct bar areas, multiple VIP lounges and a large dance floor make this event location in Schöneberg a proper playground for grown-ups. Still, Green Mango is mostly known for being a prime karaoke venue: Some 150,000 songs in 24 languages – more than any other karaoke bar in Berlin. Especially for stag nights, birthday parties and larger groups, Green Mango is the perfect choice. The highlight is the grand stage with catwalk and superstar feeling guaranteed. Every saturday afternoon there’s a karaoke party for kids, and children’s birthday parties can be organized as well. There’s even a good Thai restaurant under the same roof – karaoke fun plus.

|   Green Mango Karaoke Bar. Bülowstr. 56-57, Berlin Schöneberg.   |

Circus Maximus: Bearpit Karaoke Mauerpark

What happens at Prenzlauer Berg’s Mauerpark every Sunday is officially labeled “flea market”. What it really is? Let’s call it a hipster millennial after-hour funfair. Or something like that. The open-air event attracts thousands of locals and visitors every week and one of the highlights is Bearpit Karaoke Mauerpark. In the semicircle of a large hillside amphitheatre the capital’s craziest karaoke party takes place every Sunday at 3pm. The atmosphere resembles that of a sold-out soccer stadium, the audience loves everything that’s a little odd, a little off, a little too wild for its own good. The whole thing is free, but it’s very much recommended to get a beer from the kiosk or one of the food stalls on the flea market. Must-see!

|   Bearbit Karaoke Sunday. Mauerpark, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.   |

No matter if you’re planning a karaoke night out with a couple of friends or a large group – with these recommendations you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. In case you can’t make a reservation at Monster Ronson’s or Green Mango (they are frequently booked out), we’re happy to help you out with further recommendations at the hostel reception.

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