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Are you ready for the biggest party of the year? Only a few more weeks and then it’s all bye-bye 2016 and what’s up 2017! New Year’s Eve in Berlin is huge, it’s the most spectacular mess of fireworks, beats, and fun you’ll ever see – and you can be right in the middle of it. Last year we gave you 5 reasons why you should celebrate NYE in Berlin, so there’s no need to talk about the why anymore. But Berlin is not exactly a small town and there are plenty of options – where to go, that’s the question. And it’s about time you start thinking about that, since tickets tend to be sold out faster than you’d think and specifying your party plans makes for that exciting thrill of anticipation. We from Industriepalast Hostel have put together the best NYE parties 2016/17 for you – are you ready to go?

The Biggest: NYE at Brandenburg Gate

It’s not exactly an insider’s’ tip, but more than one million party people simply can’t be wrong: New Year’s Eve at Brandenburg Gate is the biggest bash you’ll ever attend. Live music and djs are guaranteed to make you sweat on the two kilometer party mile, and the best part: it’s entirely free. You cannot bring firecrackers, bottles, or other dangerous goods, but the grand display of fireworks more than compensates for that. Although the area is huge it still can’t host all the people who want to attend, so normally they stop letting people in a couple of hours before midnight already. Thus, if you’re planning to go, better move the party to the venue in the evening already and you’re good to go for the perfect NYE party night.

Fancy a good view?

You see yourself as standing above such things? Well then maybe you just should, like literally, and experience the night of the nights from the most exclusive rooftops of the capital. One of the fanciest parties is the one at ewerk on Potsdamer Platz. It’s not exactly the kind of ticket you might want to go for if you’re travelling on a budget, but drinks and atmosphere are more than exquisit. But you can actually have both at the same time, exclusive and affordable: All inclusive parties like High Class at Haus Ungarn or the six floors of Alte Münze, both not far from the TV tower, offer an unforgettable night without regretful morning. Tickets start at around 60€ in pre-sale and all drinks and snacks are already included. There are quite a few parties like that, but the biggest one is set to happen at Kosmos on Karl-Marx-Allee: more than 2,000 sqm of dancefloors and open bar all night. Kino International will host a bash on five floors with classy GDR vintage flair plus fantastic panoramic view. You can decide whether you want to go for admission-only (starting from 15€) or all-inclusive at 69€. If you want to hear our humble opinion: Check out the Spreeterrassen Party at Universal. Located right between famous Oberbaumbrücke and Warschauer Straße the view from their riverside terrace is stunning and they are going to pull quite a show for you. Early bird tickets start at only 59€ and they include everything you’re gonna ask for that night. And the best part: your comfy bed at Industriepalast Hostel is just a two minute stagger, err, walk away.

All at once

With so many options you wonder how to settle on just one event? Just imagine you could simply show up at the coolest parties in town and your name is on the list, the bartender is just waiting to pour your favorite drinks for free, and as soon as you feel like hitting the road and checking out the next party your personal driver is already expecting you. Out of your league? By no means! Silvester Ticket Berlin includes admission and limitless free drinks for no less than 9 trendy clubs, including shuttle service to and fro all night long. That sums up to 26 (!) floors, plus rooftop terraces for a perfect view at midnight with champagne at hand. Ultimate party hopping for you and your friends, and the early bird tickets start at 89€ – what are you waiting for?

One thing you should bear in mind though is that even the best of NYE nights is worth nothing without a proper snatch of sleep on the next day – or would you like to begin 2017 tired and hungover? Industriepalast Hostel Berlin is your perfect base for the biggest party of the year, right on Warschauer Straße in trendy Friedrichshain. It’s the quicker the better here, too, for NYE in Berlin is the night of the booked-out inns. So don’t wait any longer – book your room for new year’s right now.

Enjoy a legendary turn of the year in the wildest city on earth,


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