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So, according to many a food blogger and restaurant critic, Berlin is a fine foods hotspot these days. And other than in London or New york, where you might remain on a table reservation waiting list for months before finally being granted access to your favorite restaurant, here in Berlin it’s still fairly easy to get a table for a romantic candlelight dinner even on short notice. But what if it’s not a table for two you’re after – but a table for twenty? Large groups often have troubles finding a good place to eat, especially if it’s not supposed to be some soulless fast food canteen or overpriced tourist trap. Luckily enough, it doesn’t have to be that way. At least not in Berlin: There are numerous restaurants in the German capital offering good, (often) affordable food in a charming atmosphere, while still catering to larger groups. Here are some of our favorite restaurants for large groups in Berlin:

Pizza and Party: Pirates

It’s hard to miss this place: Nestled between famous Oberbaum bridge and East Side Gallery this place has one thing for sure – a prime location! But the owners of Pirates at historic Mühlenspeicher building do not rest on this happenstance. Rather, they offer decent dining and event catering for larger groups. The menu consists of all-time favourites like pizza, burgers, steaks, and seafood. Plate sizes are generous, food is good, service is fast and friendly, and prices are reasonable. There are special menus for school groups, but à la carte is always an option, too. On weekends, the upper floor turns into a funky nightclub. Pizza and party – everything a hungry pirate needs. And it’s only a three minute’s walk from Industriepalast Hostel. Always an option!

|   Pirates Berlin. Mühlenstr. 78, Berlin Friedrichshain. Price category: € – €€   |

Mediterranean Delights: Rosmarin

Oranienburger Strasse in Mitte is something of a favorite among both visitors and locals thanks to the many good restaurants and bars here. Rosmarin is where good dining and professional catering for larger groups come together. The name is German for rosemary, so the menu is not much of a surprise: Mediterranean foods, with fresh ingredients and good value. Everything is prepared in their open show-kitchen, so you’re welcome to watch them chop the herbs for your dish. For groups of 12 and more they offer special group menus, making for a smoother dinner experience. Altogether, they take care of their guests very well. The perfect place after a sightseeing tour in Mitte.

|   Rosmarin. Oranienburger Str. 66, Berlin Mitte. Price category: €€   |

Classy vintage: Clärchens Ballhaus

There are many historic places in Berlin, but this one is a piece of living history: Clärchens Ballhaus, located on gallery mile Augustrasse, has been open since 1913 and since then it hasn’t changed much. The breathtakingly beautiful hall of mirrors is home to a charming restaurant offering traditional German-Austrian cuisine. If you reserve in advance, it’s for larger groups, too. It might be a bit too fancy for a quick lunch during a city tour, but for a special occasion this is the place. There are special offers for groups, like a mouthwatering group menu with seasonal ingredients. There’s no dress code, but you sure would look awfully good in a suit here. That’s how classy it is.

|   Clärchens Ballhaus. Auguststr. 24, Berlin Mitte. Price category: €€ – €€€   |

Fine Dining, Kreuzberg-Style: Volt

A defunct transformer station on the canal, carefully renovated in a mixture of trendy industrial design and Kreuzberg-style homeliness, serves the kind of haute cuisine that you’d normally expect in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Sure, Volt isn’t something for every day (unless you’re like very, very rich), but then again, how many places like that do you know that actually serve larger groups. Volt is different: large groups are welcome to make reservations here, too. And if you can afford their fantastic multi-course menu you’re in for a real treat. Fine dining at its best, right in the coolest borough of the German capital. Go for it!

|   Volt. Paul-Lincke-Ufer 21, Berlin Kreuzberg. Price category: €€€€   |

‘Cause what’s a summer without it: Prater Biergarten

Berlin’s biggest biergarten is the oldest one in town: For more than 180 years already Prater Biergarten has been serving the hungry and thirsty on mild summer evenings. And it continues to do so! This is the perfect ending to a summer day spent exploring the fascinating boroughs of the capital. They offer classic biergarten and barbecue treats and there’s good beer. Nestled between the backyards of Prenzlauer Berg it’s actually surprisingly spacious, but still you should reserve in advance when planning to show up with a large group. Summer in Berlin!

|   Prater Biergarten. Kastanienallee 7-9, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Price category: €€   |

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