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Taxi in Berlin

Slowly but surely, days and nights are getting colder and wetter in Berlin and the times of open air festivals is coming to an end. That doesn’t mean that you have to hide inside the Industriepalast and get bored. In winter and autumn, there is also a lot going on in the capital city of Germany.

If you want to have as much fun in Berlin’s autumn as during the summer, it’s easiest and most comfy to use a taxi while you’re traveling inside the city. No matter if you are going back to the hostel from a club or travelling from the airport to our Industriepalast hostel – Berlins taxis get you quickly to where you want to be. Especially during the week, when the Underground only runs until midnight, the taxi is always the fastest option to travel. And you’ll see – Berlins streets are dominated by taxis at night J.

What do you have to consider when calling a taxi in Berlin? First of all, you should know how far away your destination approximately is. If it’s less than 2 kilometres away from your starting point, you can use a so-called short trip (in German = “Kurzstrecke”). Just stand at the side of the street, call a taxi and tell the driver that you want to use a short trip. Then you’ll only pay 4 € for the trip! For instance, the trip from our hostel to the train station Ostbahnhof is a short trip.

Speaking about train stations – if you want to take a cab from one of Berlin’s airports or train stations to the Industriepalast hostel, you will enjoy a big choice of taxis. The best is to take a cab from one of the marked taxi stands and look for “real” taxis which have a Berlin badge. Taxis from outside Berlin are most likely “fake” and will ask for higher prices. At the end of your holiday in Berlin, you are most welcome to order a taxi to the airport at our reception. We are working together with taxi companies and will call you a taxi within 2 minutes to our front door!

Please also note that most taxi drivers in Berlin only take cash for payment. The few cabs which do take cards have a sticker at the side of the vehicle picturing a credit card. If you need to get cash, there are several cash points within 2 minutes walking distance from the Industriepalast.  Also, it’s best to always have smaller notes with you when calling a cab because taxi drivers are not obliged to have enough change in the car. Another small tip: always ask for the receipt at the end of your trip! Like that, you’ll automatically have the taxi number in case you forgot something in the car.

Last but not least, here are some important general facts about taxis in Berlin:

Taxi fares in Berlin:

  • Basic price:  3,20€
  • Kilometer price for the first 7 km: 1,65 €
  • Kilometer price for further km: 1,28 €
  • There will be additional charge for oversize luggage and big taxis

Examples of taxi fares

These approximate (!) fares are calculated for 2 people with normal sized luggage:

Tegel Airport (TXL) Schönefeld Airport (SXL) Hauptbahnhof (Main Station)
Alexanderplatz ca. 25 € ca. 33 € ca. 13 €
Potsdamer Platz ca. 21 € ca. 35 € ca. 10 €
Industriepalast Hostel ca.30€ ca. 35€ ca. 19€

Berlins taxi numbers:

You can order a taxi by calling one of these numbers:

  • Taxi Berlin: 0049-30 – 20 20 20
  • Würfelfunk: 0049-30 – 21 01 01
  • City-Funk Berlin: 0049-30 – 21 02 02

If you are walking around Berlin, you can always just call a cab directly at the street. You can recognize free taxis by the illuminated taxi sign on top of the car.

Have a good trip!

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