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After we told you what’s going on in Berlin during the first quarter of the year, we will now look at the events happening between April and June. While April is still relatively quiet, May and June are packed with cool events.

BioOst MESSE (06.04.2014)

The “BioOst Messe” is the meeting point for everybody who is interested in the field of organic food and natural products. During this one day, different sustainable products regarding food stuffs, medicine, cosmetics and wellness are presented and the latest concepts are shared. With a day ticket, you can inform yourself about organic living for 15 € (free for children and students).

EASTER in BERLIN (18.-21.04.2014)

Of course, there are loads of thing happening during Easter in Berlin. Easter markets are organized, Easter bonfires are lightened and you even can go on an Easter egg hunt! In April, we will post an article about Easter in Berlin with event tips – keep yourself updated.

MAIFEST (01.05.)

The first of May is a very special day in Berlin. The „Labor Day“ has always been the day of the working class (especially for Berlins left wing scene) when the pupil is meant to have its say. That’s why leftists, squatters and alternative people demonstrated in Kreuzberg on May 1st in 1987 during the “revolutionary 1st May demonstrations”. The demonstration was repressed by the police with bats and teargas until the police had to back out due to excesses. Since 1987, a demonstration takes place every year on 1st May, which got more peaceful since 2003. As an alternative to violence and unrest, the so-called “Myfest” was developed in 2003, which addresses especially children and young people. At the Myfest, many live bands are playing; there are many stages with music and firefighter-shows as well as loads of food and drinks.

ADFC STERNFAHRT (01.06.2014)

This bicycle tour is a cycling demonstration fighting for „more space for the bicycles“. The cyclists demand a better cycle path network and higher quality cycling paths in Berlin and Brandenburg. In fact, cycling paths in some districts of Berlin are either not existing or in need of renovation. The “Sternfahrt” ends at Brandenburg Gate at the “Umweltfestival” (=Environment Festival) which is celebrated at the same day. Here, you’ll get information about topics like active climate change, renewable energies, ecological gardening, sustainable tourism and animal friendly farming. You want to demonstrate yourself? We rent bicycles for 10€ per day and have enough space to store your own bike – we’re one of the bicycle-friendly hostels of Berlin according to “visit Berlin”.

KARNEVAL DER KULTUREN (06.-09.06.2014)

For four days, Berlin is celebrating the cultural diversity of the city at the “Karneval der Kulturen” (=carnival of cultures). The festival was founded in the mid-90s as a countermovement against the growing racism in Berlin. Berlin’s internationality is celebrated with music and dance, live bands and colorful costumes from all over the world. Especially the festive procession through Kreuzberg on Sunday is really worth seeing.

LESBIAN-GAY CITY FESTIVAL (14. – 15. 06.2014)

All around the Nollendorfplatz in Berlin Schöneberg, Berlin is celebrating Europe’s biggest lesbian-gay city festival with over 450.000 visitors. Many hip bars, beer gardens and cafés are taking part in this festival and there are always loads of awesome culinary offers.

FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE (21.06.2014)

Right on time for the beginning of summer, the festival of music is taking place in Berlin again. This festival is celebrated in 520 cities around the world and aims to connect different cultures through music. On this day, you hear music of all genres from reggae to techno and classical music. As the artists are playing without fees the festival is even for free for everybody!


The CSD festival is another huge gay festival with many special events, like for instance the CSD gala or the Pride Festival. The sexual diversity and openness of Berlin is celebrated during one whole day and political problems are addressed. At the grand CSD parade, you can party hard with colorful wagons and loads of people in party mood.

YOU (27.-29.06.2014)

According to the principle “participating.touching.testing”, the fair of youth culture takes place at the end of June. The visitors of the fair are on average about 17 years old and go to the fair to experience “real” activities and events far away from the virtual world. Many diversified shows, workshops, competitions and interactive activities are organized within the event’s segment “music.sports.lifestyle”. The segment “education.career.future” includes information about educational offers and the start into work life.

The following table tells you how to get to the different fairs and events:

Event Directions from hostel
BioOst Messe S-Bahn S 75 to „Westkreuz“ –> Bus 104 to “Messedamm/ICC/ZOB” (30 minutes)
Maifest Takes part at various locations in Kreuzberg, e.g. U-Bahn U1 to „Kottbusser Tor“ (5 minutes)
ADFC Sternfahrt (cycling demonstration) Starts from different places; overview on http://www.adfc-berlin.de/
Karneval der Kulturen Takes place at various locations, the procession starts at Hermannplatz: U1 to „Kottbusser Tor“–> U8 to „Hermannplatz“ (15 minutes)
Lesbian Gay City Festival U-Bahn U1 to „Nollendorfplatz“ (10 minutes)
Fête de la Musique The festival takes place in all districts of Berlin. More information at http://www.fetedelamusique.de/en/berlin-2/
CSD The festival takes place at various locations. More information on http://csd-berlin.de/
YOU S-Bahn S 75 to „Westkreuz“ –> Bus 104 to “Messedamm/ICC/ZOB” (30 minutes)

Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim Essen, Radeln, Feiern und Netzwerken in Berlin

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