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Today, you get to know our Italian bar tender and receptionist Alessandro. If you see him in “live” at our hostel one day, you’ll surely be thrilled by his humor and Italian nature. Drinking at the bar will be double the fun with Alessandro behind the bar. Here comes my short interview with him, enjoy:

Norma: Hello Alessandro.

Alessandro: Hi!

Norma: Where do people find you mostly at the hostel?

Alessandro: Well, you‘ll mostly find me at the hostel bar, but sometimes also at the reception. You’ll also find me in the streets of Berlin – I’m everywhere (laughs).

Norma: What are you doing besides your work at the hostel?

Alessandro: I’m a DJ. Actually, I came to Berlin in the first place to work as a DJ. Here, I discovered many different interests and passions, like the wish to make movies, to study music and to work with people. The work at the bar is really good for me because I communicate a lot with guests and therefore learn a lot about people.

Norma: What do you like most about your work at the hostel?

Alessandro: It is a very cool hostel. For me personally, my first experience at the reception was very exciting. I was quite nervous and a bit afraid but at the same time, it was like my first time standing on a theater stage. Despite the excitement, I survived it and it’s really a lot of fun now. I also like the work at the hostel because you meet a lot of people from all over the world. I see Berlin as a center of attention where loads of people from different countries get together. I come from a very small village with as many inhabitants as we have guests checking in at the hostel on one day. So, you can imagine that it’s unbelievable for me to live and work in Berlin.

Norma: If you were a guest in our hostel, which place would you like most?

Alessandro: I would like the lobby most because that’s where you get to know people and make friends. And of course, I would love the bar because that’s where guests would find me (laughs).

Norma: Now, a little bit about you. Do you have any other interests besides music and films?

Alessandro: Well, you could say that my life is one big hobby. If I have time, I like to go to the cinema, to concerts and theatre. Here in Berlin, I get to know a complete new world with loads of different possibilities. However, I also need some discipline because otherwise I would do nothing but watch movies and spend money every day. That’s why this work is very good for me and I feel happy here.

Norma: Okay, that’s nice to hear. One last question for you: Can you remember an especially nice holiday? And if yes, where was this holiday?

Alessandro: Let’s put it in a philosophical way – the whole life is one big holiday (laughs).

Norma: We’ll finish the interview with this lovely, Italian answer. Thank you, Alessandro.

Alessandro: Thanks, Norma.

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