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To show you what’s happening behind the scenes of our hostel, we want to introduce our team to you. In February, you already got to know myself (Norma) as I am writing this blog. In the course of the blog series “We introduce our team”, I talked to different members of our team about work and private interests. I did my first interview with Annika, our Food and Beverage- and Housekeeping manager, and Jonas, our reception manager.

Norma: Hi Annika and Jonas. You‘re both part of the Industriepalast team. How long have you been working here and what exactly are you doing?

Annika: I’m working here since about three years. It doesn’t really seem that long but it’s already three years, indeed. I started with managing the housekeeping department and later also managed the kitchen staff.

Norma: So, you’re making sure that our guests get a clean room and a yummy breakfast?

Annika: That’s right.

Jonas: I’m working here longer than Annika – a whole half year!

Annika: Well, a few months…

Jonas: No, it’s half a year. (both are laughing). I’m working at Industriepalast since for a good three years. I started as a receptionist and then became the team leader of the reception. So, I already got to know several departments of our hostel.

Norma: And where would one find you normally in the hostel, Jonas?

Jonas:  Normally, you find me behind the reception in the greatest office of the world with Annika. Our door is always open so that I see if somebody needs my help or support at the reception.

Norma: Okay and where do people find you normally Annika?

Annika: Well, either I’m also in the back office behind the reception or I’m busy walking around in the hostel, checking the rooms, the kitchen and the basement. I’m taking care of the rooms and the chambermaids or helping in the kitchen if there are new orders.

Norma: What do you like most about our hostel?

Annika: I like the fact that it’s a hostel. On the one hand, I like the lively district of Friedrichshain and on the other hand, I like the mix of guests at our hostel. Here, we host guests from all over the world, young school groups, families and older guests. I like this vibrant mix of people you find here. It is never boring and no day is the same.

Jonas: I like several places in our hostel. First, I like our guest lobby where people meet, get to know each other and have a drink together at the bar. Also, I think that our vaulted cellar rooms are pretty cool with the games room where guests can play darts and XXL table football. I really like the industrial style at our hostel. And I also have a favorite room – room number 514 is my absolute favorite.

Norma: … where you go for a snooze from time to time…?

Jonas: (laughs). Yeah, right. Just for a little break with a view of the O2 world.

Norma: What’s exciting about our job apart from the breaks?

Annika: I enjoy that I’m not only sitting at my desk staring at the computer for eight hours a day. It’s very nice that the working routine includes practical elements and that our team is working so closely together. Also, you never know what the day will bring. Every day is different.

Jonas:  I agree with Annika. In the morning, you can never say what will happen during the day. The work here is diversified. You get to know new people at the reception and there are always new challenges to meet. It’s not a stupid office job but you actually help out in different departments and therefore learn a lot. You’re not sitting in front of your computer with square eyes but also talk to guests about their holidays etc.

 Annika: It’s also very important what we do for each other in the team. If somebody needs help, we all try to help out. For instance, if I need help in the kitchen, Jonas comes over and hands out dinner.

Jonas: Yes, that happened indeed. If there’s a problem, the team talks about the best solutions so that nobody is completely on his or her own.

Norma: Well, that sounds like ideal team work to me. Now, I’d like to talk about your private lives as well so that our guests get to know you a bit better. Jonas, what are you doing in your free time?

Jonas: Let’s say I have quite ordinary hobbies. Traveling, sports. A lot of sports. More sports. Amongst others, sports. Going on holidays, getting to know new places.

Norma: All right. And sometimes sports?

Jonas: Yes, a little bit of sports. You got that quite right.

Norma: Do you remember a great holiday you went on?

Jonas: I don’t want to spread any rumors but I really liked Amsterdam. On the one hand, it’s homely there and a little bit like Berlin. On the other side, you get the feeling of being on holidays. There’s a lot to see culturally and it’s just a great city.

Norma: I totally agree. And what are you normally doing after work Annika?

Annika: (laughs) Shopping, a typical women’s thing. Because of Jonas in my office, I also started to be interested in sports. Apart from that, friends are very important to me. Unfortunately, I never find the time to travel but I’m planning to go to New York this year, to go shopping, amongst others.

Norma: But you surely went on holidays before, right?

Annika: Yes, but that’s quite long ago. The last time I really went on holidays was in 2001 where I went skiing in Austria. In the past, I went on skiing holidays every year.

Norma: Right, that’s great. Thanks for the interview guys and I wish you a nice day!

Annika and Jonas: Bye bye!

…Now, you got to know two team members of our Industriepalast hostel. Soon, there will be more to come.

von Norma, Bloggerin und Rezeptionistin im Industriepalast

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