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Industriepalast Hostel is not only a beautiful building with cosy rooms and all sorts of fun facilities; Industriepalast Hostel, that is also a great team of staff members, devoted to make your time in Berlin simply perfect. Here on our blog you have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and get to know us on a personal level. This week I met our colleague Niclas at the reception and had a little chat about travelling and the great wide world with him.

Simon:     Niclas, you are still pretty new in the team. How long have you been working here at Industriepalast and what is it that you are doing here?

Niclas:     True, I only started working here in March. Most of the time you will find me at the reception where I check in our guests and give them some advice on how to spend their time here in the city. But I also help out at the bar once in a while.

Simon:   Well your G and T is widely known and valued! Is there a life outside the hostel?

Niclas:     Sure there is! When I have time I hang out with my friends, often at my favourite bar here in Friedrichshain where they have some great ales on tap. Or I roam the streets of Berlin at walking pace – on my bike though. About a year ago I started playing the guitar, too, and I’m practicing a lot. It’s about time we finally meet for some serious jamming, Simon! I might even make you a Gin and Tonic then… (laughs)

Simon:     Sound legit. And I guess I can also expect some interesting travel stories?

Niclas:     Travel stories?

Simon:     I’ve been told that you’ve had quite a few adventures in your life. Will you share a story or two?

Niclas:     Well, well… (laughs). Until recently I was actually travelling Australia and South-East Asia for more than two years. I lived in my car for seven months, rode it 30.000 miles around the continent, ate snakes, dived with turtles, and worked in a fish factory. I drove a 4WD through the bush, only to have a heat stroke in the desert. I even stood in China, though only on one foot; and in Queensland I picked mushrooms off cow patties and had a birthday party in a skimpy bar.

Simon:     A “skimpy bar”, what is that?

Niclas:     Let’s just say: Not the kind of place you would take your parents-in-law to… (winking)

Simon:    Learning never stops. I guess… Anyway – you got about a lot. Since you are such an experienced traveller, what is your advice for people traveling to Berlin?

Niclas:    Just start walking around and see where your curiosity takes you! And when you’ve finally managed to get lost, enter the next bar and have a drink – sometimes no plan is the best plan.

Simon:    Let’s be honest: When you are hanging out with all these travellers here at the reception – don’t you just want to pack your stuff and hit the road again yourself?

Niclas:    No doubt, there is a bit of envy when you hear all the exciting stories our guests have to tell. But I’m also really happy I found such a great team here at Industriepalast Hostel. To work here sometimes even feels like taking a vacation.

Simon:    So before your next big adventure starts you’ll stick around with us and our guests for a while to come?

Niclas:     Correct, the next adventure is not yet in view. You must also keep in mind though, that Berlin is full of adventures every single day! (laughs)

Simon:     True story. Hey, and thanks for your time.

Niclas:     No worries. And mate, next time bring your guitar!

Interview by:

Simon (Blogger @Industriepalast Hostel)

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