Introducing IP Hostel: Simon

 In Industriepalast Berlin


For more than a year now I have provided you with news, hints and things to know about Berlin, and now it is time for me to bid you farewell. But there is no reason to be sad; from now on my colleague Simon will take care of our Hostel Blog. To make sure y’all know who you are dealing with I’m going to introduce you to him.

Norma: Hello Simon! Can you tell us what you are doing here in Industriepalast Hostel?

Simon: I’ve been working here for more than half a year at the reception, preferably at night when the craziest stories take place here.

Norma: What kind of crazy stories?

Simon: When the guests return from partying in the clubs or they’ve had one or two beers too many, they often start telling their life stories or a funny anecdote to me. Also Warschauer Strasse is where Berlin nightlife happens and of course there’s plenty going on here.

Norma: Give us an example.

Simon: There was a guest who desperately wanted to get into the in-club Berghain, which is popular for its strict doormen. I told him that with his vapid haircut he would not get in for certain. A backpacker from the USA then cut him a weird undercut right in the middle of the night. He still didn’t get into Berghain. (laughs)

Norma: Oho, that is actually a funny story. Besides those funny stories, what makes in your opinion the Industriepalast Hostel up?

Simon: The very unique mixture – here we have school groups and families, backpacker from all over the globe, musicians, artists, simply very interesting people. This makes for a very special atmosphere. Berlin is a creative and cosmopolitan city and all of that is happening right here in the hostel. I bet you see it the same way?

Norma: Yes, I find it refreshing to meet such different people here every day. It helps to get a good knowledge of human nature, too. That is something I am definitely going to take with me for my further life.

Simon: Speaking of that, what is next for you?

Norma: For me it’s time to re-enter the classroom. In autumn I’m going to start my master studies in Scotland to specialize on sustainability in tourism. I want to do a job later that combines tourism management with environmentalism. That is why I am very much looking forward to enlarge upon this subject area in my studies.

Simon: Well that is great, nonetheless we are going to miss you here at the Hostel.

Norma: I’m going to miss the hostel and you guys in Scotland, too. But now back to you: What are you doing besides your funny night shifts in Industriepalast?

Simon: I’m doing my studies here in Berlin, Media Studies and American Studies. Therefore I spend a lot of time at university or the library. But being a student also means to make the most of the city’s benefits. I love going to the theater, but also clubs and concerts. And I do a lot of music myself.

Norma: And what kind of music is that?

Simon: I play the guitar and I write songs. You won’t find me on the big stages yet but my friends have to listen to my yodeling quite often (laughs).

Norma: Great. And you’re also taking care of our Hostel Blog now…

Simon: Yes, and I’m very much looking forward to this task. I love this city and I am happy to share my excitement here on the Blog.

Norma: Thanks for the interview and have a lot of fun blogging!

Simon: Thanks, all the best for your time in Scotland.

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