Introducing IP Hostel: Timo

 In Industriepalast Berlin


From time to time we use this platform to introduce you to our staff at Industriepalast Hostel. Today I visited Timo at the reception. If you ever need some insider information or recommendations for the clubs and electronic music scene, Timo is the man. Here you have the chance to meet him:

Simon: Hello Timo, how are you doing?

Timo: Hey there, I’m quite alright.

Simon: Timo, what is your function here in the hostel?

Timo: I work at the reception. I started in December 2013, so it’s been a year already.

Simon: And how did you come by this?

Timo: Originally I planned on working in sales, but then I randomly stumbled across an advert offering a training as hotel clerk in a big hostel, also here in Berlin Friedrichshain. I thought to myself: hey, that sounds interesting; so it all happened rather spontaneously. When I was fully trained I started working here at Industriepalast Hostel.

Simon: And are you still enjoying it?

Timo: Sure!

Simon: When you’re not in the hostel, what are you doing in your spare time?

Timo: I spend a lot of time with my friends or my girlfriend. We go out, make trips, go to the movies or simply hang out together, joined by a few drinks and some good music.

Simon: Here at the reception you have a reputation as an expert for electronic music and the Berlin techno scene. What is your opinion on that?

Timo: If you think so. Once in a while, when I find the time, I sure like to go to the clubs. Since I often work weekends, it’s not always possible. But when there is time, sure.

Simon: Can’t you also be found at the turntables yourself?

Timo: How come you know about that? It’s actually true, I sometimes deejay myself. But for the moment more in a private setting.

Simon: Then one last question: What is not to be missed here in Berlin in your opinion?

Timo: Well, the nightlife is of course really interesting, so when you are here, you should consider throwing yourself into the scene.

Simon: True story! Thanks a lot, Timo.

Timo: Easy, thank you.

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