Introducing „the Social Traveler“

 In Industriepalast Berlin


He’s traveling around the world without really having a plan. He gets inspired by people he meets or gets in contact with via social media. Those people tell him where to go and what to do – that’s how an organic “social travel flow” is created. Bjorn, the Social Traveler basically goes along with the people and situations he gets involved with during his travels and works with what he gets.

While travelling, friends and fellow travelers or socially connected people come up with “social challenges” which Bjorn has to tackle. Those challenges give his journeys an interesting kind of purpose. One time, he had to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong by tandem bike which took him about 5.5 months. On the way, he had to find people who would share the tandem with him. So, in the end, a total of 25 people joined him on his tandem – some for days, others for weeks.

Bjorn’s life as a social traveler is all about getting to know people and connecting with people around the world. He’s a very cheerful person and we’re delighted to have him as a guest at Industriepalast in Berlin where he’s taking a short break from travelling and got a guitar for his next challenge.

If you want to be part of his adventure, join him on Saturday, 22nd March cycling along the whole Berlin Wall trajectory! Just send an email to or check out Bjorn’s facebook page.

After having talked to Bjorn for a while, I already caught the travel bug and actually wanted to go on holidays myself joining him on one of his adventures.

Check out our video about him and you’ll understand what I mean.

By the way, if you love cycling and bicycle culture in general, there is a cool bicycle fair “Berliner Fahrradschau in Berlin this weekend (22nd to 23rd March) which you should definitely check out. It’s about 15 minutes away from the hostel; just take the U-Bahn U1 to “Gleisdreieck”.

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