Part 1: We introduce ourselves – Norma

 In Industriepalast Berlin


Wondering, who is writing all those blog articles that we post on our facebook page? Today, we introduce you to our blogger Norma. Ulli, our marketing manager, interviewed Norma and asked her some questions…

Ulli: Hi Norma. Where can people find you in our hostel?

Norma: Mostly at the reception where I welcome guests, work on reservations and cook coffee for the guest. Other than that, you find me at the backoffice behind the reception where I write blog articles for our website. You might also see me running around in the hostel with a camera if I’m working on a video or an interview for the blog. Sometimes, you’ll also find me at the bar – in high season I work as a bar keeper from time to time. So, the job is very varied :).

Ulli: How come you work in so many different areas?

Norma: Well, actually, I only applied for the job as a receptionist about one year ago. But back then, the hostel actually also needed a bar keeper which is why I said “alright, I can also do that”. Quite soon, I ended up working mainly at the reception. Writing blog articles became one of my tasks because during the job interview, I already said that I like writing blog articles. The Industriepalast team looked for somebody to write the blog so that was just perfect timing :).

Ulli: Well, it’s great that you know what’s going on at the hostel as a blogger!  

Norma: Yeah, sometimes there are some funny things happening at the hostel and then, I can write about it. Like for instance, the Christmas party of our team.

Ulli: What do you like most about your job at Industriepalast?

Norma: First of all, I like the fact that I’m working closely together with the guests at the reception and that I see new faces every day. Also, I’m always up to date about what’s happening in Berlin because of my job in the hostel. I’m only living here since about two years so I like the fact that I’m getting to know new exhibitions, events, restaurants and so on. Besides, I really appreciate the relaxed atmosphere here. Nobody works in a suit, we are talking with each other within the team and sometimes, there is quite a funny atmosphere here – especially on Fridays.

Ulli: Apart from your job, what are you doing in your free time?

Norma: As I am not really a city person, I love going hiking in the fresh air from time to time, which you can nicely do in the districts a bit outside Berlin. Apart from that – reading, making music, joggling, knitting, sewing. Of course, I also like to dance until sunrise from time to time because Berlin is just wonderful for doing that.

Ulli: All right, great. Last question: Where did you spend your nicest holiday?

Norma: Wow, that’s difficult to say – holidays are always great. One of the nicest holidays was actually my internship in a lodge in Namibia because I also regularly travelled with my boss in a pick-up through the beautiful landscape of Namibia.

Ulli: That sound really cool. I thank you for the interview.

Norma: You’re welcome!

…the next part of “We introduce ourselves“ will follow in April – stay tuned and see you soon!

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