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Search engine Google is always good for a surprise and seems to transfer another piece of our world into their online reality every day. The application Google Street View Indoor enables users now to check out shops, sights and public buildings from the inside – and naturally Industriepalast Hostel is a part of it!

A couple of years ago, Street View brought the possibility to virtually wander the streets of many towns and cities, and to take a look at famous places from the outside. The extension Street View Indoor takes you off the streets and into the buildings, offering you virtual tours and insights that are normally hidden behind thick walls. That means that now you got the opportunity to get an impression of hotels, shops, and sights beforehand, right on your computer, tablet or smartphone. So in case you want to check out the place where you will soon spend an unforgettable time in Berlin, all you have to do is click on the images below. Welcome to Industriepalast Hostel:

Our Lobby:

Our Dining Hall:

Our Double Rooms:

Our Dormitories:

However, this is just a first impression, of course. So make sure to book your trip to Berlin as soon as possible and pay us a visit – in real life. There are many more awesome corners and hangout areas waiting for you here in Industriepalast. Until then, enjoy the thrill of anticipation on a virtual stroll through the hotel. See you soon, offline!

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