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First of all, we wish all of you a happy new year 2014! We hope that you partied hard into the New Year (maybe in Berlin?) and that you’re already making cool plans for the upcoming year (maybe you’re going to Berlin?).

After we concluded the year 2013 with a blog about youth hostels in general, we’ll continue with this topic today. As you read in our previous article, youth hostels are especially popular amongst young travelers and large groups. The trend started in the 20th century with the youth movement in Europe and it is still current and ongoing. Of course, there are different kinds of school trips and group tours and that’s why there are also different types of youth hostels regarding their interior and offers.

Let’s give an example. If your group or school class wants to go to the Black Forest or the Baltic Sea in Germany, it’s probably all about being close to nature and experiencing outdoor adventures. In this case, a youth hostel mainly has to offer hot meals to strengthen the guests and cozy beds for a good sleep after an exhausting day out. Therefore, a youth hostel situated in the countryside doesn’t necessarily have to offer a 24-hour reception, for instance. If your group, however, feels like going on a trip to a big city like Berlin, the main attractions of the tour will most likely be culture, entertainment and parties. You probably would like to visit museums, stroll around the city, go out for food and experience Berlin’s nightlife hands-on. Our Industriepalast hostel wants to satisfy these needs and wishes of city travelers and therefore offers a 24-hour-reception, proximity to Berlin’s nightlife, the possibility to check out late (and sleep in!) as well as lots of entertainment inside our hostel.

As you can see, youth hostels in Berlin have a different approach towards big groups than hostels that are located in the more rural parts of Germany. At our Industriepalast hostel, we host many big school groups which is why we specialized on group tours over the years . Hence, we offer large dorms for big groups, a special group room with table football and darts, various games in the lobby and a large dining room where your group can eat breakfast as well as dinner together.

So, if your group or school is eager to visit Berlin this year, just contact us! Our Industriepalast is definiterly the right youth hostel for a wonderful and fun Berlin trip.

See you soon!

Your Industriepalast Team

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